Shortest Spending Ban Ever

Go Jane Combat Boots

Wasn’t it like two day ago that I said I wouldn’t spend any money for at least two weeks?  Well I just had to buy these boots because they were so cheap- what do you think?

combat boots
boots- GoJane
Also, anyone else having a meh week?


Cutesy 1

Today, I was going for a very cutesy look, and incorporated some of my newer items!  I love these little bow earrings-

And I wore them with these super girly sneakers, which I just had to have!

earrings & sneakers- forever 21

Add a cute dog with a striped shirt and oversized glasses and the whole thing is just super cutesy in a way I love!

cardigan, tee, skirt- forever 21
had to have one picture in which I was
being a tiny bit serious! hehe

Woot! Pat on the back for actually posting today- hope I can keep it up!

Tightrope Walker

Tightrope Walker

Two things: (1)  I’ve finally decided what I’m going to be for Halloween- tightrope walker!  After brainstorming a bunch of really bad ideas with my suitemates,  we finally settled on being a small band of circus performers.  One of my suitemates is going to be a ringmaster and the other is going to be a dark, deranged clown, who recently got fired from our group and is coming back to get her revenge (she created that back story herself, haha!).  So I’m really excited and hope that my finished costume is cute and looks like tightrope walker (I’m a little afraid that I might cross into ballerina territory).  I want to look something like this:

Tightrope Walker
old-fashioned tightrope walker

(2)  I seriously cannot spend any more money for a while.  I checked my bank account and I am walking the thin line over the chasm of bankruptcy.  I know I have a problem, in the sense that if I want something, I buy it.  I have to stop, at least for a couple of weeks, and hopefully writing it down here will help me stick to it.