On Doit Lire

On Doit Lire 1

I love this tee, which features a girl carrying a stack of books and the word ‘lire’ in script, which means to read in French.  She reminds me of myself as a little girl, when I devoured every book I was given.  I made my mom take me to the library several times a week and I would always walk to the checkout counter with a stack of books that was almost bigger than I was.  My mom dreaded taking me to bookstores because she wouldn’t be able to tear me away for at least an hour.  The very first time I wore this shirt and put it in the wash it got stained by something red I own, totally my fault, but I sort of love the pink tie-dye pattern it created and I still wear it.  Did you guys love or hate reading as a child?

cardigan, tee- Forever 21, skirt- Lefties, flat oxfords- Primark