Buckle Down and Toughen Up

Things get so hectic and crazy around finals time that I can barely think straight.  Only one more week until I’m home (and I’m super excited because I haven’t been home since March), but the amount of work I have to accomplish before then is staggering.  I’ll just have to buckle down and bear with me if I’m a little bit slower at posting and responding to your comments! Thanks :)

jacket, cami, cardigan- forever 21, jeans- Plato’s Closet, boots- GoJane
sewing machine necklace- etsy


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  1. Ashley says

    Love your jacket and boots! I also gotta say, I adore that poster that's on your wall! Very vintage feeling…I like!

    And, I hear ya on the finals thing. I totally understand! I think everyone's super busy this time of year. If it's not school, it's the holidays (or both!). Take care, and stay sane! :)

  2. Chelsea Elizabeth. says

    I love your jacket! And that is such a neat little necklace! Etsy has some pretty neat things. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. Sunbeam says

    oh i love the outfit and what great poster in the back :)

    going to follow you

    love sunbeam


  4. Trivia says

    you reminded me of Tara from True Blood :P
    I like the outfit *

    You should try to take pictures on the other side… so you don't have the light of the window fighting with the flash.* :P