Faux Skirts

I’ve decided that I’m very much a dresses and skirts kind of girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wear pants, but I love the easy freeness of throwing on a dress or the flowiness of a skirt.  Lately, I’ve been into wearing faux skirts, as in wearing something over a dress so that it looks like a skirt.

sweater, dress- forever 21, tights, shoes- target
black cardigan, red sweater, dress- forever 21, tights, shoes- target

I was looking up thrift stores in town because I haven’t yet done any thrifting since I’ve been home and apparently there’s this great consignment/antique store downtown.  I definitely plan to check it out today or tomorrow!

Also, I started a new knitting project, a late Christmas present for my godmother.  It’s a red ruffley scarf (I’ll put up pictures when I’m finished) and hopefully I can finish it soon so I can give it to her before the new year!  Do you guys have any late Christmas presents that you haven’t yet given to the giftee?


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  1. Noodles and Waffles says

    I love the striped shirt with the red dress. And let's not talk about presents that haven't been mailed to the giftees yet. Ugh.

  2. Theothersideofthepondmydear says

    Great versatility. I know what you mean, I much prefer dresses and skirts, they're so much more comfortable.
    Thanks for your sweet comment, hope you had a lovely holiday.


  3. Ashley says

    I LOVE that dress with the sweater! You look great in it. Can't wait to see pictures of the scarf. I absolutely love that you knit. I wish I could.

  4. Allisterbee says

    so cute!!! i love wearing dresses. i hardly wear pants to the point that when i do, all of my co-workers will comment on my 'pants-wearing'. it's quite funny. i love dresses and i'm in love with the red one that you're wearing!!

    ? allister bee blog

  5. pop champagne says

    lovely red dress, and yes I agree skirts and dresses are fun! though where I live it's pretty much pants for 6 months or else you freeze! hahah. great blog btw, I followed you :)

  6. Kathleen says

    i loove all the red and black! edgy chic ;). and def have to say i loove thrifting too!! it's def oneo f my fav hobbies. i hope you have a happy new year btw girl!! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  7. Tamerastake says

    I love dresses too! They're so much easier than any other outfit bc you just put one on and you're done!
    Thanks for sharing! I love how you turned your dress in to a skirt by putting a sweater over it! Clever.
    Tamera xo

  8. Laura says

    mmm yes, faux skirts are great (:

    and yes, you must get your thrifting fix before you go back to school!!

  9. emma says

    I like to wear a jumper over a dress to give it a new look as I tend to wear my dresses only a few times. Its a very clever idea :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma