Going to a Happy Place

The view from my window-

Granada, Spain
I wish!! Nope, this picture was taken looking out from a window in La Alhambra.  I want to be there again, instead of stuck here in my dorm room writing a long paper.  On the bright side, in less than three days, I will be on a plane to (hopefully) sunny California!  Also, those exciting things that I mentioned in an earlier post, including a new look (I won’t tell you just yet what exactly is getting a new look ;D) and my first giveaway when I reach 50 followers, are ever closer!  I’m only 2 followers away! Yay! =)  Speaking of giveaways, check out this one on The Licentiate with some fun prizes!


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  1. Sophi says

    Wow, that is a crazygorgeous view. Where in CA are you from again? I'm reppin' the bay :D

    Writing papers inside with gloomy weather outside after a long term has to be one of the lamest non-catastrophic things ever. It's just so arduous.

  2. Rosie says

    Wow, it looks amazing – I wish I was there too. But you're so lucky going to California! I've been once on a road trip and want to do it again so badly,

    Rosie x

  3. Sarah says

    Thanks for entering the giveaway – great views of Granada too, my parents love going there but I haven't yet had the pleasure!

  4. Ashley Rae says

    Nnenna! Thanks so much for the comment. California can't wait for you to come back! I hear it will be in the 70's, maybe 80's this weekend. :) Where are you from in California? I'm from Pasadena (LA area). Thanks for visiting my blog. I will definitely follow you so that you can have your first giveaway!

    Come visit me again soon and I will do the same!


  5. Modafobik says

    I wish i lived there, amazing.. I had lots of homework and i need to go there.. God help me! (:

    and i am a new follower.


  6. Chelsea Elizabeth. says

    That is such a beautiful view! I wish i was there too. Haha. :) Hope the next three days go fast for you. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. Miss Larry says

    Hi! thanks for comment on my blog…I am going to have a giveaway on my blog soon, so stay tuned :D
    I am now following you, by the way

    bye for now

  8. Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark says

    I just wrote this down as a place I NEED to go. Good luck with schoolwork and I hope you get lots and lots of sun in Cali.