Holiday Cheer

Perhaps my favorite Christmas song- and who doesn’t love Frank?!

Less than a week until I get to go home!

  • Alisha

    Looks amazing, so festive xox

  • Angga

    So exciting, makes me want to start xmas already, my tree is up but I dont really have a lot of decorations

  • Ashley

    So festive looking! I still haven't decorated, and I'm beginning to think that I probably won't at all now. I'm almost enjoying holiday music this year though–that's a first for me! Ha.

  • Pretzel Gurl

    I can really feel the christmas in you.

  • Chicca

    thanks for the comment I hope you follow me…
    your house is so nice decorated!!:)


    check out my blog babies!!…

  • l’Oscar revient aux jeunes

    we really like you'r decorations !

  • Marella

    Cute pics dear!

  • Sunbeam

    what lovely decoration (= and i love the ginger bread house !!

    Love sunbeam (=