Let’s Go!: Reveal #3- My First Giveaway! CLOSED

Hint #3 (‘bows’) was very literal- I’m so excited to offer my very first giveaway: this headband!

handknit using a pattern from Ravelry

I just wanted to thank you guys for reading and following this blog!  It is so much fun reading your comments and suggestions and I really appreciate each and every one, so this is my way of saying thank you!  Plus, in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to give out a gift anyways!  The rules are very simple (see below) and this giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 19th at midnight PST.  This giveaway is open to all readers and the winner will be contacted on the Monday after.  Thanks for entering!

Rules (for one entry):
  1. Become a follower of this blog through Google Friend Connect and leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so.
  2. Leave an email address so that I can contact you.
  3. Tell me who is your favorite person to give a gift to and why.
Bonus Entries
  1. Follow this blog on bloglovin’ and leave another comment. +1 bonus entry
  2. Mention this giveaway on your blog and leave a link to the post in the comments. +1 bonus entry
  • Sophi Newman

    Annnd i follow you on bloglovin.

  • Nnenna

    Nope, it is open to all my readers! :)

  • Maria

    That's so cute ;)
    email sabitha13@yahoo.com
    Would love to give this to my aunt, she always wears headpieces like this
    thanks XOXO

  • Glamour Bbey

    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,
    Cindy from http://www.glamourblog.tk

  • Courtney

    I am a new follower :) love this!

    cmw_2289 at yahoo dot com

  • Sophi Newman

    So pretty! my email is sophi dot newman at gmail dot com. I love giving gifts to my friend Kendra because she's such a fun person to shop for… she's just such a warm, sunny person!

  • Ashley

    1. I just officially started following!
    2. Email twoeyesinthemirror [AT] gmail.com
    3. I actually like donating during Christmas time. Family is fun to buy for, but I think it's more rewarding to donate extra clothes/food during this holiday season!

  • Nnenna

    Thanks for so much for entering, Kenza! I'm leaving this comment for you so that your bonus entry will be counted!

  • Mimi

    Hey Kenza~
    Im your follower via GFC
    my email is mimizhu55@hotmail.com
    My favorite person to give a gift to is of course my boyfriend because I always want to see his smile and make him happy!

  • Chelsea

    oh this is so cute! I LOVE this headband. already following! I love gifting to my sister because we've been best friends our whole lives :)


  • Christine Lilwood

    Is that an international giveaway? ;) Cuz i'm from italy ;D Anyway i follow you with pleasure ;)

    i like do present to my BFs !


  • Rosie

    I'm already a follower and my email is: rosiesavage@hotmail.co.uk
    I love giving gifts to my parents, because it's great to show you care.

    Rosie x

  • Ibenbergstroem

    Hi sweetie! Thanks so much for ur comment! Nice giveway! Love Iben

  • notsoChiara

    Hello there,
    thank u for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm following yours and I love the headband but I do live in Italy right now so I'm afraid it will be too expencive ti ship it…
    however keep on with ur creations



  • Megan

    I'm a follower of course
    my email is bellesandrebelles@gmail.com
    and I NEED to give this to my sister! She LOVES bows, ANYTHING bows and this is PERFECT for her! Would be a great gift this xmas! xoxo



  • Syrious Roberto

    wow that's super cute!!
    love it!!


  • L.

    such a cute headband! i love it! i'm a follower via bloglovin!
    My favorite person to gift has to be my boyfriend :) he's so content with every little thing and so appreciative!

  • Karen

    Thank you so much for your comment in my blog and for this giveaway.
    I follow you and I love to gift my husband, He is like a child opening his xmas presents and he shakes the box before trying to guess what's inside, lol.

  • vicissitudinilombarde

    Cool portraits ^_^
    Love your comments :)) thank you so much!

  • Krystal/Village

    It is so so cute! My fave person is one of my best friends jen, we have such similar tastes so i know she'll like :)

  • Anggayasti

    Following and I would love this headband!!! and I will give this to myself because I am selfish lol

  • Tran N

    Thank you so much! xx

    Do we have to live in the US for entering this giveaway? :)x

    – Tran N // http://www.nobodygotstyle.blogspot.com

  • Selina

    this headband is very bautiful!

    Do you want to read my blog???

  • Selina

    this headband is very beautiful!
    do you want to be reader on my blog??

  • Passportsandprada

    I'm a follower! My email is passportsandprada@hotmail.com

    My favorite person to give gifts to are my best friends because I just get stuff that I really love and I know they will too because we're like the same person!

    xoxo Summer


    Congrats on your first giveaway!

  • Nnenna

    Hi Christine,

    Yes, this is an international giveaway- thanks for entering!

  • Lindsay

    that headband is adorable!! i've followed with google :) thestylechildblogger@gmail.com. Thanks for your comment too!


  • Laura

    oooo! i'm a follower. (: and my email is lauralou1121@sbcglobal.net. my favorite person/people to gift to are a brother and sister that are 14 and 11. i used to babysit them, but now they are just like siblings to me. they're growing up! and i love picking out christmas presents for them, because they LOVE christmas and me haha.

  • Claudia

    I'm already a follower ^^ ,my e-mail adress is : luckie.star@hotmail.com
    My favorite person to give a gift is my mother because she did everything for me! I love to see her happy. She passed through hard times.

    Oh and I'm following you on bloglovin' also ^^

    xx thanks for this giveaway!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Claudia for entering! Here's an extra comment/bonus entry for you :)

  • Sartorial Sidelines

    I'm following – enter me please! I think my favorite person to give gifts to is my husband.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. I'm having a festivus giveaway – visit my blog to enter

  • Zabrinah’s Blog

    I am your 80th follower!

    You can reach me at zabrinahblog@gmail.com

    My favorite person to give a gift to is my best friend because she is always so grateful!