Thrift Store Finds

Due to the crappy weather, I haven’t really had a chance to take some new outfit pictures, so I’m going to be posting a few old outfits over the next few days.  These are a couple of outfits I wore incorporating purchases from my most recent trip to the thrift store.

skirt, sweater- thrifted from Savers, belt- Forever 21, boots- Urban Original

This skirt hit me at a really awkward length for some reason, so I just hiked it and pinned it in the back so that I could wear it higher up on my waist.  Also, this sweater is so cozy and was less than $4!  Savers has definitely been my favorite place to stock up on sweaters this winter.

cardigan- thrifted from Savers, tee and pants- forever 21, flats- Target

Recognize those pants from yesterday?  Well I love the combination of this dark brown and the burgundy pants.  A few years ago, I never would have worn colored pants and now these have become one of my favorite pair of pants!  My next colored pants purchase will either be a green or a dark purple!  Since I’ve been home, I haven’t yet had a chance to go thrifting, but I’ll probably check out the local Goodwill and Salvo sometime after Christmas.

I’m going to see Black Swan tonight- I’m so excited!  It has been so long since I saw a movie in theaters and I’ve heard such good things about this one.  Also, one of the theaters in town has started doing this deal called ‘Value Tuesdays’ where movies are $5 all day on Tuesdays!  I definitely wanted to take advantage of the discount since movies have become so expensive these days!  What movies have you guys watched recently?


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  1. Thefashionromance says

    Oh thank you girl ! Wow ! Pink is really amazing on you ! I love it !

    Happy Christmas ! :)

  2. Claudia says

    Can't wait to see Black Swan! I saw Tron this weekend,the special effects was so cool and the soundtrack also.

    I really love your burgundy pants.

  3. CESTDEMODE says

    I've heard really great things about black swan…have fun! I love your style very chic. The thin belt and sweater combo reminds my of LV Fall 2010 collection. I'm following now.. would love if you followed me too!

  4. pop champagne says

    nice, hope you have fun seeing black swan! im back home with my parents for the holiday and soo surprised that none of the theatres here have cheap tuesdays! how do they live lol