On Nnenna’s Needles #3 + A Special Guest

Hello Everyone,

Please meet my very good friend, Ms. Moebius Cowl.

Moebius Cowl

Her job is of the utmost importance.  She keeps my neck, and sometimes my ears, warm and toasty, so as to prevent these crucial body parts from falling off in the brutal cold.  She has been my especial friend ever since I was reminded of winter’s true force with the snowstorm last week….

Today, she made a new friend, Ms. Penny Pouch, sent by the lovely Cait of Kitty Cait.
gift from Kitty Cait for Pay It Forward 2011

Ms. Moebius Cowl met Ms. Penny Pouch in the Post Office and liked her from the moment she emerged from her packaging.  They are so delighted that they can keep each other company every day in Ms. Nnenna’s purse!  Not to mention that Ms. Penny Pouch came with some a lovely note :)

Ms. Nnenna and Ms. Moebius Cowl would like to give a big thank you and hug to Cait because they love their new little friend! :D  Also, you should check out Cait’s etsy shop because she has many pretty things and maybe you too can make a new friend!

P.S. I am not crazy or anything, just felt like writing this post a little differently today.  Hehe, hope you like!


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  1. brittany says

    I love how you wrote this post, it kept my attention and it was really cute! You and Moebius Cowl look lovely!

  2. Aubrey and Melissa says

    Thanks for the comment doll!! Lovin this dress your rockin it woman!! Wanna follow each other?

  3. Aubrey and Melissa says

    Thanks for your comment doll we appreciate! Love the dress woman your rockin it!! Do you wanna follow each other?

  4. Anna G says

    Oh, I know those circle scarves are so warm! I live in mine during the winter months. It's soft like a blanket.

  5. Nnenna says

    Yay! haha Thanks Ashley, and you've already mentioned that you like to bake lovely things! I'm sure they're delicious and I wish I could try them :)

  6. Claudia says

    You're really good! I want to do some knitting too. :)
    And the gift looks adorable. Love the pattern.

  7. Ashley says

    I do like! :) Both the pouch and the cowl neck scarf are absolutely beautiful, and once again, I'm envious! If only I could make such lovely things *le sigh* ;)