The Packages Came!

Since several of my packages came this weekend, I thought I would show you guys what I’ve purchased recently!


I bought these boots from Wanted Shoes on Tuesday and they arrived on Friday- I mean, talk about fast shipping!  Not only was shipping free, but these were also on sale, so I got them for $40!  I purchased them to replace my favorite boots which broke over winter break and I think I made a good choice.  The knee-high length is great and the boots are sooo comfortable.  At first, I wasn’t too keen on the finish of the boots, which looks sort of like crinkled leather, but it is definitely growing on me and I figure as I wear them that sheen will fade.  Also, they have a sort of western feel which is different for me and which I like.

I bought both of these items from Cait’s etsy shop.  I discovered her blog and shop through Pay it Forward 2011 (I am one of her recipients) and I’m so glad that I did because she makes/sells the cutest stuff!  I can’t wait to wear my purchases and you should definitely check out her shop!

This last picture is more of a teaser because I don’t want to give away too much!  I’ve decided what I’m going to make for my Pay it Forward 2011 participants and the yarn I’ve chosen finally arrived today. I’ve been itching to get started, so off I go!  Hope you guys are having a good weekend! :)

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  1. Redvinesforbreakfast says

    Your new boots are fabulous! How fun is it to get online purchases delivered to your door? I love shopping online.

  2. RosieSavage says

    Those Etsy purchases are too cute!
    I have a snitch necklace on the way, and I think I may wet myself…

    Rosie x

  3. erica @ Fashion meets Food says

    Those are some seriously hot boots! I cannot wait to see what you are going to make! You have some serious skills!


  4. Nnenna says

    Thanks Gertrude! I didn't really wear boots before I moved to the East Coast and now I wear them all the time!! :)

  5. Nnenna says

    Thanks Brittany! So are a lot of my friends, and I've bought a lot of owl stuff as presents but this is the first piece for myself :)

  6. Kirstin says

    Oooh you would make the best Pay it Forward things! Can't wait to see what you end up making! Those earrings are adorable!

  7. Chelsea says

    those boots look so great! I LOVE the kitty cait stuff, what a cute name!


    ps I just noticed my link in your sidebar, thanks girl!! <3

  8. Ashley Rae says

    Hey Nnenna!
    I am a sucker for black boots too! I need to branch out and buy different colors. :)
    And I loooove the owl necklace. I used to have one but it broke. And I haven't found one yet that is as nice to replace it.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hope you're doing well!