Just One of Those Days

Today has just been one of those days… more about that later, let’s do the outfit first.  I styled up this outfit in accordance with the challenge on Diya’s blog- the item was boyfriend blazer.  Also making their first appearance here, please welcome my new boots!

blazer- american eagle, tee- forever 21, skirt (thfrited)
and tights- Savers, boots- Wanted
they’re so comfortable, you don’t even know!

Now onto my day: WARNING- stop reading here if you don’t want to hear my complaints about a crappy day.  I couldn’t sleep last night, which means it was impossible for me to wake up in time for my earliest class, so I missed it.  I went to my next two classes, which were fine, then came back to take outfit pictures for today.  So far it was a fine day, not great, but fine.  Then, I remember I have to call this company and yell at them for not shipping my order.  Remember how I said I was getting a new camery toy?  Well I ordered a tripod off Amazon, thanks to Ashley‘s recommendation and it was supposed to arrive last week.  I received a shipping confirmation email and everything, so when it hadn’t arrived by Monday, I decided to call the company and find out what was going on.  It turns out that not only had my item not shipped (and they’d billed me already and everything?!), but the tripod was out of stock and wouldn’t be in stock until the end of February.  So after spending nearly an hour on the phone with them trying to figure out my best options, since they’d pretty much shafted me, I finally get them to give me a refund and order a different, but similar tripod from Amazon directly.  Hopefully I have no more problems on that front.

Meanwhile, as I’m fighting with the customer service representative on the phone, I’m trying to check my email on my computer because I think it is strange that I haven’t received a single email all day.  It turns out that my school identity number/password or my computer was compromised and is jeopardizing my school’s network.  This means that my account is completely locked and I’m freaking out because I don’t know what the implications of this situation are.  I’m wondering, “How was it compromised?  How am I going to access my email?  What if my machine was compromised, do I have to get a new computer?”  I call the Technical Services help desk and thankfully, after some manuevering they are able to help me unlock my account.  Unfortunately, the guy says he doesn’t really know the root of the problem, meaning that my account may lock up again, and tells me that I need to take my computer to the student techs.  So, now I have to back up all my files and then run some scans and hope that everything resolves itself.  Of course, due to all the frustration and the stress, I had a massive headache all evening…

So, that’s the sitch.  If you’ve read all the way to this point, thank you for listening to me ramble and I’ll promise to be in a more positive mood next post- I’m already feeling better as I type this out :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Vittoria! =)

  • vittoria

    I love this look!!!and the blu fits perfect on you!
    kisses from Italy!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Jessica! I love most shades of blue, so I was immediately drawn to these tights, but I didn't know how to wear them for the longest time!

  • Jessica – The Embellished Life

    I'm loving that outfit! Cobalt blue has become my obsession apparently…I'm like a magnet to anything in that shade! Great post!

  • Elle Sees

    i just tell myself tomorrow is another day, have a sip of wine, take a deep breath, and burrow under the covers

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Kat! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Natalie and thanks so much for the follow! :) Aww, I'm hoping you get some more sleep tonight!

  • Nnenna

    Aww, that's so sweet Tashrin- thank you! =)

  • kat

    i love your tee!! its sooo cute!!


  • Melliott930

    That blazer is such a fabulous length! I love it. And so sorry about your crappy day :( Hope it gets better soon!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  • Natalie


    I adore the blazer!

    Totally feel your pain, I got a whopping two hours sleep last night. Not even tired so probably won't get any tonight either!

    Following you!

    Natalie xo


  • Tashrin

    The tights are so bright and beautiful …..it just brought a smile to my face.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin – A Toronto based personal style blog

  • Shopedelano

    You look gorgeous sweetie! I love the neon blue tights, such a colour clash but you look gorgeous! Fits in with S/S 11 neon colours as well! Love it!

    Thanks for your lovely comment! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Anisa, the day after was much much better! :) And thank you for your kind comment about my boots :D

  • Comewhinewithme

    You look lovely girl! The t-shirt and blazer are my favourites!

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  • Angela

    Those tights are awesome!!!!

  • Anisa

    Sorry to see you had such a tough days, but it can only get better from here! Those boots look lovely on you, great purchase! Thank you for your comment, it totally made my day :)


  • Nnenna

    Aww, hope you'll be able to sleep well tonight! And thanks! :)

  • Marianna_Papag

    thanks for the comment
    i couldn't sleep either
    and i woke up really late today

    anyway your blazer rocks
    i love it

  • Veronica

    love it!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Kaylee! :)

  • Gingerrsnap

    I like your tights, great outfit. Nice blog thanks for the comment on mine.


  • The Stylish Nomad

    Cool Blue!! Cute!


  • Giselle

    Great pop of blue.

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Erica! I was afraid to wear them because I thought they were too bright, but I'm glad I did! :D

  • Nnenna

    Yes, it really is, I felt 10x after just posting about and am even better now that it's a new day! Thanks Laura :)

  • erica @ Fashion meets Food

    I LOVE that you are wearing blue tights! Way too cute!


  • Nnenna

    Thanks Janette! hehe, it's a puppy dog with glasses! :)

  • Nnenna

    Ahh, it's not a big deal, it was just frustrating yesterday. No, of course your recommendation was good- like you said, it is totally the seller's fault and I will never be buying from them again! So far, I can access my mail again, and I'm hoping to fix whatever virusy issue there is today. Thanks Ashley, I was totally inspired by your color post btw, which is why I pulled out those tights which I hadn't dared to wear before! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Courtney, I hope so too! Also, saw your tweet about not getting to teach a class- sorry about that, that really sucks!

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Shanah! Yes, I've been holding off because I'm still trying to decide what exactly what I want and where I want it! What are you planning on getting?

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Krystal, so far, today is already an improvement :)

  • Nnenna

    Hope your days get better too then! And thanks for the follow, of course I'll visit back! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Hazal and Cana! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Yui and thanks for the follow! :)

  • Laura

    aww haha that sucks. dealing with customer service on the phone can be really frusterating, especially after having a rough night and sleeping in. /: writing everything out is a good way to vent, though!! glad your new boots are comfy, and i hope tomorrow is better! (:

  • Janette

    Hey there! Thanks for visiting my bloggo! Appreciate your well-wishes! I like your shirt…Do you have a pictures without the blazer? Is it an owl? A dog? A cat? Haha! I can't tell…

  • Flossie

    thanks for the lovely comment am following xx

  • Ashley

    Ugh! I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the Amazon seller! Looks like my recommendation wasn't such a great one after all, huh? But of course it's not the tripod's fault…just the crappy seller. :| Sorry to hear about your other problems, too. Computer/technical issues are never very fun. I remember when I got locked out of my main email account a few years ago, for no reason at all. So frustrating! And there really was no way to restore it, either, so I just moved on. Bah.

    I hope today is going much better for you!

    Anyway, you look gorgeous, as always. I'm really loving your new boots, and I'm sure you are too! I love the combination of the t-shirt, blazer, and blue tights. It looks put together, but still is a very fun look. Awesome!

  • Amalia Dara

    nice outfits !
    visit my blog <3


  • Courtney Thomas

    That sucks – computer problems are the bane of my existence. Hopefully it is able to be resolved!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • Writeitinlipstick.blogspot.com

    I love that blazer, it fits you well. tell me how you like the new tripod I am looking to buy a new one. Sorry for the mix up sometimes Amazon sucks :)

  • Shanah

    I love the blazer :) Glad to hear you're planning to getting a new tattoo! I'm thinking about getting one as well, but I'll probably wait until september or so, with the sun and stuff, you know :)

  • Krystal/Village

    Oh my gosh…I seriously hope your day improves and that email situation gets figured out, I'm sorry!

  • Tran N

    Love the electric blue tights with the grey-ish look! xx

    – Tran N // http://www.nobodygotstyle.blogspot.com

  • nelly skf

    well…i must say i'm having nothing but crappy days lately so i don't mind!nice pop color of leggings!love the bf blazer!following!would be happy if you visit back!

  • Themadtwins

    your tights are lovely! Also like the heart earrings!
    I want to thank you for your sweet comment
    xxx lots of love!

  • Sistsersandsisters

    Thanks for you comment!

    We like your shoes and blazer!

    Hazal and Cana
    from Amsterdam

  • Mimi

    love your blazer!!

  • YUI

    thanks for your comment!
    love that blazer and adorable tee!
    followed you :) mind to follow back?


  • Nnenna

    Yes, much calmer, thank you very much! :)

  • Gawgusthings

    I love the pop of colour on your tights! Hope you're feeling caaaaaalmer now :)

  • Nnenna

    I'm feeling cheerier now and thank you! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Chelsea! I didn't own one for a while because they all fit really weird on me, but then I found this one on sale and I just love it! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Diya! =) I do feel much better now, it was just a really frustrating/sucky few hours!

  • vanillascents

    It is really frustrating, but cheer up! The problem solved :)
    Love your blazer a lot! <3

  • Chelsea

    awh dear so sorry about your crazy day!! this reminds me I need to get a blazer, I'm embarrassed to say I don't even own one!


  • zarna

    great blazer and tights!

    sorry you had such a bad day :(

  • diya

    loving this look!!! I also love how your earrings match the color of the tights.

    so sorry your account got compromised! that totally sucks…I know how you feel since I've had those days where Murphy's Law kicks me in the ass. Hope you'll feel better soon!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you D! I was going for a less dressy look :)