Minty Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
cardigan, jeans- forever 21, mint green tunic- thrifted (saver’s), boots- Wanted
earrings- forever 21, ring- H&M
flowers in the office


Apologies for the longer absence than I intended last week.  My computer was infected, so over the weekend they took it away from me and reinstalled my operating system, which was very scary!  Now I have it back and I think it’s good as new, but I still have to put all my stuff back on.


Anyways, on to the good stuff!  Today I plan to eat as much chocolate as possible without getting sick and hang out with my friends.  Nothing terribly exciting, but it still should be a good time :)  This is not a typical V Day outfit, but I think it works for the casual evening I have planned, while still giving a nod to the holiday!  Tell me, how do you guys plan to spend Valentine’s Day?
  • Megan

    hope u had a happy holiday!!!xoxoxoxox


  • Thebuttonowl

    i LOVE the earrings and ring. I have a bracelet like it!


  • The Merry Traveller

    Your accessories and nail colour are matching your outfit! Happy belated Valentines to you!

  • Josie

    I hope you had a fab Valentine's Day, love — you look so chic and festive!
    xo Josie

  • The Laugh Slut

    Love your turquoise, it's defintiely my favorite jewelry lately! <3

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much Laura, I did have a good vday! :D

  • Laura

    oooo, i love that mint green! and i'm sorry to hear about your computer but glad it's back to normal. i had a ton of issue with my macbook a few months ago, and it was so dreadful. anyway, hope your vday was fabulous!!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Ashley!! :D

  • Ashleykrieger

    bummer….i hate when computers get sick. but YOU look lovely! that shade of blue is gorgeous!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Marianna! =)

  • Passportglamour

    you look adorable ! i love the red cardigan its perfect for vday

    stop by sometime<3

  • Marianna_Papag

    thanks for the comment
    the colour combination is amazing
    and i love our earrings and your ring

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Veronica! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you and I'm glad too! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Amy! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you!! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Rosie, it was a nice day! :)

  • Veronica



    Glad your back and that your computer is not sickie poo any more :)

    Write it in Lipstick

  • Ashley

    Hope your Valentine's Day was good! I spent the day with my boyfriend and it was just lovely. I'm craving more chocolate now, though.

    I love the colors you used in this outfit! Hot pink + teal = always a winner, in my book. Glad your computer survived okay. I'd cry if I lost anything on mine…especially all my pictures! I really should back up my hard drive sometime soon, just in case.

  • Giselle

    Isn't mint such a wonderful, refreshing color?! Great for spring!

  • Grunge Glam

    nice cardi:)

  • Krystal/Village

    happy belated vday!

  • Ebolisworld

    I love that huge ring!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, I´m also excited to see how it looks like when I finish it!

  • RosieSavage

    Those flowers are so cute, and I hope you had a lovely day.
    I had my weekly yoga sesh, nothing too romantic haha.

    Rosie x

  • Ellenreviewsblog

    Happy heart's! Nice mix and match. :)

  • Nnenna

    yay! I really hope you like it! :D

  • Nina

    got your message! im so excited. im going to blog about it as soon as i receive it:)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you!! :D

  • Styleshewrote

    Happy Valentine's Day! Love your pretty red cardi. xo style, she wrote

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Marie! :D

  • Melliott930

    I looove all your turquoise jewelry! So pretty.

    Happy Valentine's Day :)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much! :)

  • Reesemilania

    thanks for dropping on my blog, nice outfiT!!!

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much Madeline! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Courtney! Didn't you love how much warmer it was today?! :D

  • Madeline Weber

    love the colour on you, it's beautiful!!


  • Kirstin

    Have an amazing time! My v-day plans aren't too exciting today but on Saturday I went to dinner. You just reminded me, I need to eat some chocolate, I haven't had any yet!

  • Courtney Thomas

    I love the mint green tunic!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • Sophi Newman

    Yikes! Computer troubles are terrifying. What a wonderful color combination! I just love pink and green together :)

    I hope your chocolate eating goes well. I'm planning to just do my usual school thing since my boyfriend's out of town, but I have this amazing antique valentine for him when he gets back. I want to take him out on a little date too.

    Love your ring! What a nice detail. xoxo

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much Kathryn! :D

  • Kathryn

    Your ring and earrings are fabulous! I'm loving the colors.

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Megan, I hope you did too!

  • Nnenna

    Thanks D and the same to you! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Josie! It was a nice day and I'm still enjoying all the candy! :)