Minty Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
cardigan, jeans- forever 21, mint green tunic- thrifted (saver’s), boots- Wanted
earrings- forever 21, ring- H&M
flowers in the office


Apologies for the longer absence than I intended last week.  My computer was infected, so over the weekend they took it away from me and reinstalled my operating system, which was very scary!  Now I have it back and I think it’s good as new, but I still have to put all my stuff back on.


Anyways, on to the good stuff!  Today I plan to eat as much chocolate as possible without getting sick and hang out with my friends.  Nothing terribly exciting, but it still should be a good time :)  This is not a typical V Day outfit, but I think it works for the casual evening I have planned, while still giving a nod to the holiday!  Tell me, how do you guys plan to spend Valentine’s Day?


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  1. The Merry Traveller says

    Your accessories and nail colour are matching your outfit! Happy belated Valentines to you!

  2. Laura says

    oooo, i love that mint green! and i'm sorry to hear about your computer but glad it's back to normal. i had a ton of issue with my macbook a few months ago, and it was so dreadful. anyway, hope your vday was fabulous!!

  3. Ashleykrieger says

    bummer….i hate when computers get sick. but YOU look lovely! that shade of blue is gorgeous!

  4. Ashley says

    Hope your Valentine's Day was good! I spent the day with my boyfriend and it was just lovely. I'm craving more chocolate now, though.

    I love the colors you used in this outfit! Hot pink + teal = always a winner, in my book. Glad your computer survived okay. I'd cry if I lost anything on mine…especially all my pictures! I really should back up my hard drive sometime soon, just in case.

  5. RosieSavage says

    Those flowers are so cute, and I hope you had a lovely day.
    I had my weekly yoga sesh, nothing too romantic haha.

    Rosie x

  6. Kirstin says

    Have an amazing time! My v-day plans aren't too exciting today but on Saturday I went to dinner. You just reminded me, I need to eat some chocolate, I haven't had any yet!

  7. Sophi Newman says

    Yikes! Computer troubles are terrifying. What a wonderful color combination! I just love pink and green together :)

    I hope your chocolate eating goes well. I'm planning to just do my usual school thing since my boyfriend's out of town, but I have this amazing antique valentine for him when he gets back. I want to take him out on a little date too.

    Love your ring! What a nice detail. xoxo