On Nnenna’s Needles #10

1st Cabled

This is the first cabled item that I knitted and also one of the first projects that I made.  I made this purse a few years ago, when I was just starting to branch out from knitting scarves.  This purse was given to my best friend for her birthday.  I chose black so it would complement different outfits and turquoise as an accent because it is her favorite color.

The lining was a little difficult for me to do because I had never sewn anything like that before and I’m certainly not an expert seamstress!  However, after a bit of fiddling I was able to work it out.  I really love the cables on this purse and the way that they criss-cross and intertwine.  My best friend loved the purse too- she’s so great to knit things for because she is so proud of what I make =)

What sort of gifts do you all like to give your best friend?


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  1. Nnenna says

    Thank you very much Maurenice! It was a while ago so I don't remember exactly, but I think it took me a little over the week in the summer when I wasn't doing anything else! Thank you so much for following! :D

  2. Nnenna says

    Haha, thank you Mimi! Painting and sketching gifts sounds so lovely- I really wish I had that sort of artistic talent! :D

  3. mimi says

    shut the front door…you made that? im so impressed. knitting is a skill i def wish i had. but sadly it went to my sister and not me! so glad your friend liked it so much. i usually paint or sketch things for my friends because that is always what they request from me!


  4. Fifth Sparrow (Louise) says

    Oh my gosh! You're so crafty- I only just learned how to crochet this year… and not well!! I would love to be able to cable knit and not have it end in tears and wine! xx

  5. Sabine says

    This is wonderful – and a real cable knit! (the knitting machine can only make 'fake cable'). I've been thinking about knitting bags for a while (I did some small ones) – and yours is a real inspiration.

  6. Nnenna says

    Thank you Maggie!! I've tried crochet a little bit, but it's much harder for me than knitting is! :)

  7. Nekiah says

    WOW! You did a wonderful job. I love this. Thanks for the comments girl. I just posted something new. Kiah

  8. Pepperandchips says

    wow! I just found your blog and am so impressed! You've got talent girl, i wish I could do that!


  9. Styleshewrote says

    So cute! I knit but have never cabled. You make me want to give it a try! xo style, she wrote

  10. Nnenna says

    Thank you Julie! I totally know what you mean, it's so rewarding to get or make someone something you know they are really love and cherish! personal and special is key! :D

  11. Julie iliana says

    this is super adorable! you have skills girl :D I wouldn't even know how to begin, hehe. the thought is also unique and creative. I would have liked it too! :)

    when I give my friends a gift, I like to be very specific with details, so even if it's a small gift, I like to put a lot of thought into it. makes it very personal and special y'know :)

  12. Hannah says

    Aww this is so great! I am a knitter too! Have had my own knitting business since I was 12!
    Great blog!

  13. Ashley says

    I love it, of course. Especially with the ribbon. I'm thinking turquoise might also be my favorite color!

    My friends and I don't really exchange presents…but if we did, I think it would be really cool to give them a handmade gift like this!

  14. Claire says

    love the cable knit! can't believe that was the first purse you made. it's lovely. you're very talented!

    my BF and I always buy things we would want for ourselves (in fact, we often end up buying two, one for each other and one for ourselves…in 2 different sizes and sometimes different colors).