A Handwritten Note

As I was browsing through blogs, I was inspired by this post and this post, both about the handwritten note.  I know how much my best friend loves receiving things in the mail, so I decided to write her a little note.  First, I wanted to find some pretty stationery to write on because I only had thank you notes.  I love stationery so much, but I am also very picky, so I spent hours and hours browsing various sites.  I finally decided on these crisp notes with my initial from Paper Source and I also purchased these colored envelopes to make it a little more fun!

Writing her a note also gave me the opportunity to use my wax sealing supplies.  The story about how I bought them is rather random!  One night last year, I was really bored so I was just surfing the web.  Somehow, the idea of sealing notes with wax popped into my head.  I’ve always thought it was a really cool idea and a tradition that I wish we still had, so I decided to do a little quick research to see how much it would cost to get the supplies.  The real-deal signet rings that I saw were hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but then I found this site where both the rings and the sealing wax were priced pretty reasonably.  So late that I night, I just bought it on a whim (totally unnecessary- this is why late night shopping is so dangerous for me)!  When I showed it to my roomies, they thought it was cool, but they were like “What are you going to do with it?”  Well, here’s their answer- write notes to my lovely friends =)

My best friend got the note only a couple of days after I posted it (and she lives across the country!).  She said it brightened her day to get a little note that let her know I was thinking of her.  That was my exact intention =)

Tell me: Where do you shop for stationery?  Also, do you write handwritten notes?