A Handwritten Note

As I was browsing through blogs, I was inspired by this post and this post, both about the handwritten note.  I know how much my best friend loves receiving things in the mail, so I decided to write her a little note.  First, I wanted to find some pretty stationery to write on because I only had thank you notes.  I love stationery so much, but I am also very picky, so I spent hours and hours browsing various sites.  I finally decided on these crisp notes with my initial from Paper Source and I also purchased these colored envelopes to make it a little more fun!

Writing her a note also gave me the opportunity to use my wax sealing supplies.  The story about how I bought them is rather random!  One night last year, I was really bored so I was just surfing the web.  Somehow, the idea of sealing notes with wax popped into my head.  I’ve always thought it was a really cool idea and a tradition that I wish we still had, so I decided to do a little quick research to see how much it would cost to get the supplies.  The real-deal signet rings that I saw were hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but then I found this site where both the rings and the sealing wax were priced pretty reasonably.  So late that I night, I just bought it on a whim (totally unnecessary- this is why late night shopping is so dangerous for me)!  When I showed it to my roomies, they thought it was cool, but they were like “What are you going to do with it?”  Well, here’s their answer- write notes to my lovely friends =)

My best friend got the note only a couple of days after I posted it (and she lives across the country!).  She said it brightened her day to get a little note that let her know I was thinking of her.  That was my exact intention =)

Tell me: Where do you shop for stationery?  Also, do you write handwritten notes?


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  1. Joyce says

    I love this idea! I always send my best friend packages in the mail but hardly ever leave notes, and I know I should! I always liked papyrus and kate's paperie for stationary, but I really wish I wrote more letters!

    Ps thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment!

  2. Nnenna says

    Thanks Laura!! I went through a handmade card phase too, but then I've had less and less time, so it kind of fell off, but I would love to do it again! It is so cool to receive a card that no one else has :) Haha, and out the wazoo! :D

  3. ohsosophi says

    My ex worked at paper source for a long time, and I was always really happy when he'd ask me to come visit him at work because their stuff is just SUCH a treat to look at. I have a little sealing wax kit, too, and the ritual of it is really fun. I love finding stationery at the thrift store. I have this hilarious paper with unicorns on it… it's very 80s video game looking, i guess? Super tacky and awesome. Not at all classic though!

  4. Laura says

    the wax seal is so cool!!! i make cards for my friends a lot, and my freshman year of college, i was sending out letters and packages out the wazoo! i calmed down but still love doing it when i can (:

  5. Julie Iliana says

    aw this is cute!! :) I love writing letters but email and text has made it less popular now. so I definitely would feel the same way your friend did if I received this! :)

    I usually try to look for stuff on etsy and they're pretty affordable too. can't give a specific name though. I just search stuff haha.

    PS- habla muy bien en Español chica! :) ojala que no haya sido (see? don't know if that's the right way to spell that word lol) por el translador de google jejejeje ;)

  6. Zeldaandfestus says

    I started writing hand written notes again when I started dating my BF. They are more intimate and in a era where people tend to just text, or email it makes one feel appreciated that you took the time out to write them a note/letter….

  7. Melliott930 says

    Love all of the stationary! It's so pretty. I love writing paper notes and sending them off – – there's nothing quite like the happiness you get from opening a letter :) There's a paper design studio right by my house where I get my stationary, and it's a lot like your "N" paper above! So pretty.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  8. brittany says

    I'm so obsessed with stationery, I tend to buy them to collect them because they're cute haha. I really love the wax seals though they're great!

  9. Cait says

    Lovely post, I haven't written a note to someone in ages but I am feeling really inspired to do so after reading this :)

  10. Courtney Thomas says

    I love letter writing! I write to my friends back in Edmonton every few weeks – whenever I visited a place this past year doing research I bought stationary so I'm currently using some floral stuff from the Huntington Library in California.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. Rosie says

    Oh, that's such a sweet idea! I'm glad your friend liked it.
    And I love the wax seal – very Harry Potter-esque :)

    Rosie x

  12. Krystal/Village says

    I love that you have a wax sealing thing, that is so cool and would make opening a letter that much more fun! I've been writing a lot more handwritten notes this year, it's fun to make people so happy!

  13. Claire says

    I love receiving real letters. it's so much fun! i also love sending them. there's something so nice and personal about having it someone's handwriting!