It’s Just Me

everything but boots- forever 21, boots- GoJane

Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post!  It was a great experience for me and I was more than happy to share it with you guys. =)  Secondly, I almost didn’t post this outfit.  You know how you get the feeling that an outfit isn’t blogworthy?  Well that’s how I felt about this outfit.  Then I was like “Forget that!” because I’ve never claimed to be writing a high fashion super blog, but instead a blog about my life, which includes all sorts of things like fashion, my knitting, school, family, and so on.  Part of sharing about my life is showing the outfits I wear and this is something I wore, so why not post this outfit?  Basically, I’m trying to take the pressure off myself to be something I’m not and to keep true to who I am.

I think this little tee is so cute and I’ve
actually done some of the things on this list!

Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about commenting on blogs lately and Alyse wrote a post that really resonated with me.  So I have some questions for you guys (which are sort of a follow-up to the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday ones that were asked last week) that you can answer if you like and I’ll include my answers as well:

1. Do you only comment on a post if you have something completely original to say?
2. Do you check back on posts you’ve commented to see if the blogger has left you a response?
3. How do you feel about Disqus? Love it/hate it?
4. How do you feel about people who leave a link with their comments?

1. Not necessarily.  I don’t mind being the 20th person on a post to compliment that person’s outfit choice because I’m showing my appreciation.  Some people might find it repetitive to read a bunch of comments about how gorgeous their shoes or necklace or skirt is, but I am grateful to each person who takes the time to comment.  I am certainly not knocking those who only comment when they have something original to say, I guess I’m just wondering if people are annoyed by reading comments that are fairly similar?

2. Not usually.  I only check back if I have asked a question or if I think the post discusses a really interesting topic and I want to see how other people respond.

3. I have had a pretty pleasant experience with Disqus so far.  I love how it has threaded replies, that way if other people have a similar question, they can see how I’ve replied.  Also, I like how it emails to let the commenter know that I’ve responded to their comment.  The only problem I’ve had is a couple of times Disqus hasn’t loaded for while.  I’ve read on other blogs that some people despise Disqus, so as readers of this particular blog with Disqus, I would love to know how you feel about it!

4. I don’t mind people who leave a link with their comments and I usually do it myself.  Let me clarify- commenting “Nice blog” and then leaving me a bunch of links to a blog or giveaway I consider spamming.  On the other hand, I’m totally fine with people who leave a thoughtful comment and include their link at the end.  To me, it is sort of like a signature and allows me to easily click onto their blog when I want to check it out.

Tell me: your thoughts! I’m curious to find out you guys think!

P.S. Speaking of commenting- thank you sincerely to every single one of you who takes the time to read this blog!  You guys are the support that encourages me to keep up with this blog and strive to make it better.  =)