Let’s Trade Boots for Sandals

cardigan and tee- forever 21, skirt- thrifted, boots- UrbanOg

Unfortunately, it is quite rainy here, which means that I am still wearing boots some days.  All I want is for it to be sunny so that my feet can breathe in some open sandals and I can only wear a dress and be perfectly fine.  I really want it to be nice for Tuesday, which is Spring Fling!  Spring Fling is our annual outdoor concert and this year the lineup features Third Eye Blind, Designer Drugs, Big Gigantic, and Lupe Fiasco.  Half of those people I have never heard of, but I think Third Eye Blind should be all right and I’m excited for Lupe because I actually know his music.  Cross your fingers for me that it’s sunny!

These boots are one of the few shoes that I own that aren’t black (shocking, I know!).  Casee and I have been talking about how we want to incorporate more color into our wardrobes and I think I definitely embraced color with the first Bloggers Do It Better Challenge!  I think I really need to take a pledge to add more color to my wardrobe, so here goes: I hereby pledge that at least 90% of the clothes/shoes I purchase over the next month will not be black (see how I cut myself a little slack there? ;)

Tell me: Is anybody else addicted to black?  Also, if you celebrate, what did you do for Easter?


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  1. Nnenna says

    Thank you so much Monique! I had a blast at Spring Fling =) Haha, that's so funny- we should swap some pieces- I'll give you black and you give me color! :)

  2. Nnenna says

    Aww, thanks Casee- you're so kind! I love that we are both going through similar fashion challenges so I have someone to turn too! Also, yesterday was gorgeous and I got to wear sandals, so I was pretty pleased =) Oh boy, I could never imagine quitting black cold turkey either! The funny thing is that my mom really disliked when I wore black because she always told me I look good in brighter colors and I'm finally starting to like more color in my closet too!

    P.S. I'm dying to see how you style your sheer skirt when it arrives! I feel so much anticipation, it's like I ordered it for myself! ;)

  3. Julie Iliana says

    the boots look really great on you! :) I love these colors, very spring-y indeed! I hope you had sunshine today! -crosses fingers-

    and I couldn't celebrate Easter, but it was a nice day anyway :)


  4. Monique says

    Cute outfit…love those boots….yes it's spring and I'm glad you are adopting color into your outfits! Enjoy the spring fling!

    ps I'm the opposite…I have lots of color and need more black.

  5. Casee Marie says

    You're so cute! I love this look; the floral skirt is charming and I love the contrast with the boots. I know the feeling, I had to put my open-toed sandals away the other day in favor of boots and it was bittersweet. My feet hurt less in the boots, but I love the look of sandals! And you did a great job of keeping up with the color here, too. Good for you making the commitment to color! I might have to do the same. I know I can't quit black cold turkey but it'll be fun to mix it up. And thanks for the shoutout! You're a sweetie. (:

  6. Laura says

    oh my, those boots are amazing!!! love the color, ironically haha. i'm not addicted to black by any means, but i am addicted to florals (but i'll never try to break it); i've been wearing them in moderation for years! as long as i'm wearing what i like i'm happy (: good luck on your shopping pledge!

  7. Birdie says

    I have that same problem… I'm trying to coordinate black with other color too!

    Also, love the boots!

  8. Gentrilee says

    I used to be so addicted to black clothing and shoes. But now I look in my closet and I have I think one black shirt!! CRAAAZY! haha! I still have black skirts/ dresses, blazers, and two pairs of black shoes (I know that's it!), and black dress pants, but those are all basics that every woman needs. :) haha! My fingers are crossed for a sunny Tuesday for you! It sounds fun!

    For Easter I went to church and spent the day with my family. :) Kind of what I do every Sunday. But church is always so special for Easter.