On Nnenna’s Needles #15

Sapphire Silk

You might remember this project from an outfit post from the beginning of the year.  I finished this vest in January, I believe, and it’s a pretty cozy, thick vest.  I really love the deep blue color of the yarn and the lacework on the vest.  If this is the wintry version, then I want to make this vest’s summery sister- lighter weight of yarn, more open/lacy, and looser fitting.  Now I just have to find the right pattern…

Tell me: How do you feel about the crochet/open knit looks that have popped up this season?


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  1. Moniqueviard says

    I'm definitely a fan of the open knit! This sweater is amazing…love the color and your handiwork

  2. Angga Heinrich says

    I seriously envy your awesome-ness in knitting and I can def see that vest for summer time too, I know my main staple will be my crochet dress and my homemade crochet sweater that I think I'm going to wear it soon with shorts this summer/spring (when it is nice outside) time.
    You should wear that vest more!! especially with dress too, it will look cute on you

  3. Annebethbels says

    gorgeous smile :) and I love basically any type of knit, especially the cutesy ones with textures like this one!

  4. Claire says

    love the knit look. and this particular vest that you made is fantastic. color is perfect for you!


  5. Casee Marie says

    Oh my goodness, this looks lovely! I adore the color you chose and the result is fantastic. I could never do it myself, haha. Maybe someday when I dedicate myself and finally become a successful knitter/crocheter. And I can't wait to see the summery version!

  6. Nnenna says

    Wow, thanks Ashley! We're totally on the same wavelength- I was thinking a white or cream lacy vest too! =)

  7. Ashley says

    Ahhh your creations just keep getting better and better! This is amazing, as always. I'd love to see how you could summer-ize this. A white, lacy vest would be perfect.

  8. Gentrilee says

    LOVE it. :) And it's even better that you can say you made it! I doubt I'll ever be able to say that. Haha!