CT Blogger Meet-Up!

CT Blogger Meetup 1

L to R: Amber, Lydia, Megan, me, Courtney

Last month, I made plans to meet up with some fabulous Connecticut bloggers. At the time, I thought I was going to be in New Haven for the summer, but even after I found out that I would be moving to New York, I did not want to miss this blogger meet-up! It was such a pleasure to meet these ladies and they were all so fabulously dressed! Let’s meet them one by one, shall we?














And you might perhaps recognize this last person…

Me! :)


H&M Dress, Target Wedges



Your eyes do not deceive you- in that last shot, I am holding my new toy, a Nikon D40 camera! I bought it second-hand off of Craig’s List for only $250 and this meet-up was the perfect opportunity to bring it out to play! So far, I am loving it, especially how much better the pictures are turning out. If I get my act together, I might even take a digital photography class this summer.

We had so much fun shooting each other in a couple of different locations on Yale’s campus! It was really weird being back at school and not seeing anybody I knew. Also, normally I am one of the people looking at all the tour groups snapping pictures frantically, but this time, we were the objects of people’s stares! As you guys know, I am too chicken to do outdoor shots by myself, but with these girls I wasn’t too nervous at all and I had a blast!

After taking pictures, we headed to Barcelona, a delicious tapas restaurant in New Haven. There, the waiter commented on how dressed up we were and asked what occasion we were celebrating. When we told him we were all meeting for the first time, he asked how we met and someone responded, “Online…” which sounds really funny without the context to back it up! :D We ended up explaining to him that we are fashion bloggers and we even took a picture with him that is supposed to be posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page. After dinner we had drinks at a bar called 116 Crown (guess where it’s located? That’s right, 116 Crown Street! ;D 116 Crown had really interesting drinks, such as the Grey Lady that Courtney ordered, which has egg foam in it, but totally doesn’t taste like it does! Late in the night, we parted ways and agreed that we must do it again soon! This was my first meet-up and I can’t emphasize this enough- find other bloggers in your area and meet them in person! I bet you’ll have a fantastic time! ;)

CT Bloggers

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies to see more pictures and details of what they wore!
(all pictures taken by either Amber, Lydia, Megan, Courtney, or myself)
  • Josie

    Oh, you all look TOO cute!  I love every single one of these outfits — you look darling in your little dress, my dear!  So glad you all got a chance to meet up.
    xo Josie

  • Dora

    You guys look great in these photos.I love Megan's red dress and your cute polka dot dress :)

  • AmberBlueBird83

    Oh my gosh I am soooo short! haha.  I loved meeting everyone and we definitely need to do a shopping trip asap.   I will start saving  my pennies now.

  • Closet Fashionista

    Hehe woohooo! :D This was soooo much fun ! :D

  • sartorialsidelines

    I had so much fun…and I really want another grey lady asap!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • UnravelledThreads

    Looks like so much fun! You girls are lovely…must organize a DC meet-up.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  • Ashley

    Ahhhhhh I know all of these ladies except Courtney!  How AMAZING was this!  I wish I could have came.  You're all so stylishly dressed, I'm seriously squealing here.  And girl, am I interpreting this wrong or did you really go to Yale?

  • Jsorbel

    I LOVE this idea!  I want to do this myself sometime! Great outfits everyone!


  • Nnenna

    Ohh, yes, that would be awesome!! =)

  • Nnenna

    Haha, that's so funny/cool! Thank you Gentrilee! =)

  • Nnenna

    Aww, you are so sweet- thank you Casee! I love having the prettier backdrop, but like I said, I'm still too chicken to take them outside by myself :/ Hopefully I'll get over that soon, but in the meantime, maybe I can rope people into taking pictures of me, haha! Oh, I didn't know you were thinking of moving! Where do you think you would be moving to??

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Josie!! =) Me too, it was such a fun experience!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you so much Dora! :D

  • Nnenna

    Me too, I should a CT bloggers meetup fund! hahaha :D

  • Nnenna

    I second that!! :D

  • Nnenna

    Hehe, I'm glad I tried it even though it sounded weird! We'll have to sample some more of their crazy drinks! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Melanie! You should totally do it! :D

  • Nnenna

    Hehe, thank you! I wish you could have come too- I really want to meet all my bloggy friends IRL! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much! =)

  • Lynzy

    I didn't know that you were from CT! Wish I would have attended with you gals! I am in Northern CT :)  You look adorable in that dress!

    xo Lynzywww.sparklingfootsteps.com

  • Lauren

    Everyone looks gorgeous! I love all the different ensembles, especially your polka dot H&M dress. So cute!

  • Marie

    You all look lovely! And what fun- I heart Amber and Lydia! Your dress is tres sweet

  • Ellenreviewsblog

    Yay! You and Courtney! :D Great photos :) you're all gorgeous :)

  • Natalie Leung

    wow you have a lovely blog, and amazing friends. you're very stylish. new follower :)


  • tia_cherie

    So much fun. I have always wanted to do a blogger meet up but unfortunately I haven't been so lucky yet. I think it would be an amazing experience.

  • Joei

    Sounds like you all had fun!

    Thanks fir visiting my blog :) Follow each other?

    Definitely, Maybe

  • Megan

    How fun! When you get to NYC we'll have to have one!


  • Sabine

    You're all looking totally fabulous – I like that there seem to be certain themes, like black shorts or lace or pretty dresses (okay, that's a bit lame), going on. The pictures are beautiful. I absolutely love my Nikon (D60) – nothing compares. Hope you are having fun with it!

  • Daisy

    fun fun fun! some of my newest bestest friends were made online, through blogging! I know, sounds creepy to an outsider. love your photo shoots above and your blog in general!! 

  • What_sadie_did

    Awesome photos, it looks like you all had an amazing day :D

    I would loooove to go on a blogger meet up one day – sounds so cool!

    Sadie x

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Lynzy! I didn't know you were in CT either, you should definitely come to the next one! :D

  • Nnenna

    Aww, thank you Lauren! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Marie! I heart them too- they are super fun! :)

  • Nnenna

    You're too sweet, thank you Ellen! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you so much Natalie for your kind words! And thanks for following! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Claire! Me too, I had so much fun reading each person's post about the same event! It was really cool to see the different perspectives =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Stephanie and thanks so much for visiting my blog! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Laura! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Gertrude! Aww, man, it is a bit of a distance, but maybe someday we'll be in the same place! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Rosie! Haha, yeah, it does sound like I mean the city, but really it's just a yummy restaurant named after the city! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Penny! =)

  • Nnenna

    It was so much fun, I hope every blogger gets to experience at least one! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Joei, we did! :)

  • Nnenna

    Yes, definitely, I'm here now! :D

  • Nnenna

    Haha, yes, we did sort of have a theme, but totally unplanned! Thank you Sabine! It was so much fun taking pictures and I can't wait to learn more about my new camera =)

  • Nnenna

    That's so cool! Thank you very much Daisy! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much Sadie! :)

  • Ashley Sloan

    Oh wow how fun!!! I would love to do something like that but I don't know barely anyone in Colorado yet who blogs, since I just moved :) And you are SO pretty! Cute outfit too!

    Ashley Sloan

  • BoulevarddelaMadeleine

    Looks like everyone had so much fun. Everyone looks so amazing. And I love your polka dot dress. It is too cute!

  • Nnenna

    You're so sweet! Thank you! :D Also, there's this Style Bloggers Map (http://rosealamode.com/fashion-style-blogger-map/) that might help connect you to other people in Colorado! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you so much Madeleine! =)

  • Melliott930

    AW! You guys all look so, so precious!! Fab footwear on all of you, I must say!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Marie! I agree, these ladies sure know how to dress! :D

  • Monique

    I would love to meet up with you in NY are you going to be in NYC? These are lovely pics!!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you! OMG, yes, I am in NYC already, let's meet! =)

  • MissRockwell

    Jealous..this looks like so much fun! Too bad there aren't enough bloggers in my area to pull off a meet up like this.


  • Nnenna

    Aww, well maybe sometime in the near future there will be! :)

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  • Nikki Odeluga

    That last pic…FAB