On Nnenna’s Needles #20

Summer Loving Vest 1

Summer Lovin’ Vest
Handmade Vest, TJ Maxx Tank, Forever 21 Shorts

A while back, I mentioned I wanted to make a more summery version of this vest. I envisioned something lighter and airyer and eventually I found the pattern that I was looking for. I love the off-white color because it has summer written all over it. Actually, this vest is made of a combination of two different yarns, one of which has a little bit of a shine to it, which you can see when you’re closer. Here I just threw it on over a sheer top with cute birdies all over and added some dark wash denim shorts for a casual summer look, but I can picture wearing it so many other ways- over a strapless dress on breezy day…with a skirt for a walk through the park….there are so many possibilities! =)

  • Gentrileeblog

    Love it love it!! You've got mad skills!

  • Sissi DellaGiacoma

    that's lovely! a great idea for this summer!

  • sartorialsidelines

    Oooh great vest! And I really love your TJ Maxx tank underneath.

    xoxo ~ Courtney


  • Ashley Sloan

    Oh my gosh how cute are you!!! You made that?! That is incredible! AND YES I am obsessed with SYTYCD!!!!

    Ashley Sloan

  • AmberBlueBird83

    wicked cute vest and I of course love that birdie top :)

  • Alex Elizabeth

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You're so talented!  I can knit a little but nothing like this vest.  I definitely second the dress on a breezy day look, I think it would be so pretty.  Also, I'm a (mostly) New York blogger so we should meet up sometime.  Lydia might visit on the weekend sometime, maybe we can coordinate! 

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Gentrilee! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much Sissi! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Courtney! I forget that I find great stuff at TJ Maxx sometimes! =)

  • Nnenna

    Aww, thank you so much Ashley! =) And new episode tonight! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thanks Amber! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you so much Alex! That sounds awesome- we should totally do it! =)

  • Cait

    I really like these light summer vests, it is so nice that you have made your own :) it is a great colour and looks great with the outfit!

  • leah shaul

    kudos to you knitted your own vest:)  thanks so much for visiting my page.   your blog is very whimsical and fun!  


  • Dale

    Wow, this is such a cute summer look and I think that's so cool you made that vest. I wish I could do something like that :) You have really nice skin and these shorts are so perfect for summer, I love everything denim right now.

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  • PlatinumBatch

    I love this vest! I bought one just like it and could easily wear it everyday! Looks TOO cute girl :)

  • MaNAa

    lovely look <3

  • Caroline Ikeji

    that top is super cute – i am loving bird prints lately!!!
    love that vest too!

    caroline – pictures & words

  • Gelreg07

    Love your vest! I used to have classes in knitting but I never had the patience to learn so I didn't. Good for you :) And I like the print on your top. Pretty!

  • Gelreg07

    Love your vest! I used to have classes in knitting but I never had the patience to learn so I didn't. Good for you :) And I like the print on your top. Pretty!

  • Fantailflo

    wow so nice!!
    Check out my latest happy post!www.fantailflo.com

  • Penny Ka

    I wish I had some kind of knitting skills!I actually thought I would have some time this time and searched for some courses ( it is the first step no? :)) – but still haven't started!the vest looks really nice and i like the pattern on your top!
    Penny from stripedsocksplaypingpong.blogspot.com

  • Ask Erena

    Such a cute outfitl! Thank you for your comments. Following you now… Follow me?
    Ask Erena

  • Despina

    hi dear,thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)
    i am following you now.follow me back if u want.
    nice outfit.great shorts!

  • kasia4333

    I love your top! you look great :)

    Btw I have one question… I love your  shop and I'm dreaming about collaboration ( I saw at mybestfriendjules.com that you work with some bloggers). Is it possible?chocarome.blogspot.com

  • Stephanie;BirdFlyAway

    I really like your top! So cute!


  • UnravelledThreads

    AMAZING. I've seen a couple of these sorts of vests in stores and I really want one. Nice job DIYing your own! Love your blouse, too!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  • Kirstin Marie

    That vest is incredible!!! That's so awesome that you made it. You look adorable in this outfit, I love it!

  • Melanie

    Great job with the vest! It looks really good! :)


  • Daisy

    That handmade vest rocks! very cute outfit!

  • Rosie

    This is so lovely because lots of people are wearing these crochet summer vests, but yours is oh-so-individual :)

    Rosie x

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much Cait! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much Leah, that's very sweet of you to say! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much Dale for all the lovely compliments and for following! =)

  • Nnenna

    Aww, thanks so much! Now we're vest twins! haha =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much Caroline! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you! I will! :)

  • Nnenna

    If you lived nearby I would totally teach you! =) Or there are videos on You Tube that show you what you need to know- that's where I go when I've forgotten how to do something! :)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you very much Erena and thanks so much for following! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thanks so much Despina for your kind comment and for following! :)

  • Nnenna

    Hi Kasia- thanks so much! Wow, I'm so flattered! =) How about you email me and we can discuss further? My email is starcrossedsmile@gmail.com

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Stephanie! =)

  • Nnenna

    Aww, you're so sweet- thanks Melanie! :D

  • Nnenna

    Thank you so much Kirstin Marie! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Melanie! =)

  • Nnenna

    Thank you Daisy! :)

  • Nnenna

    Aww, thanks Rosie! That's one of my favorite things about knitting- that it's all my own! =)

  • Monique

    I never cease to be amazed by your handiwork I love the vest and that blouse is super!

  • YarnHobbit

    o wow! Do you have a pattern for this??

  • YarnHobbit


  • Nnenna

    You are too sweet Monique, thank you!! And you're married now, WOOT! :D

  • Nnenna

    Yes, I do! You can click the link under the picture to find it on Ravelry or I think I have a copy somewhere- I'll look around and get back to you! =)

  • hotchild

    Wow you are super talented and awesome! :) I love this look…and your fabulous blog name! Star-crossed smile = BEAUTIFUL!

  • Nnenna

    Thank you so much, you are too kind! :D

  • Monica

    I love this vest!!
    Ask the Duplex