On Nnenna’s Needles #21: Ombre-Like

Ombre-Like 1

Here’s a sneak peek of my latest knitting project, something I’m making for my new home. I’ve held back from decorating the place that I’m staying at currently because I know it’s only mine for the summer, but I’m already very excited about having my own place in the fall. I’ll have free license to decorate it however I want to and hopefully this project I’m working on will make the new apartment feel a little bit more like home.

Also, just wanted to tell you guys that I’ve got some exciting things for the blog coming up in July! I’ve been working really hard on this stuff behind the scenes and there’s only a couple more weeks until I can reveal it all to you, so stay tuned! =)

P.S. Ten points for anyone who can guess what this is going to be! :D


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  1. Gentrileeblog says

    The knitting project or the blog project? If you mean the knitting- my guess is a blanket. If you mean the blog my guess iiiiiiissss- a new look? Sponsors?

  2. Fashion Addict says

    I have no idea what to guess, but I'm excited! I hope you feel more comfortable and at home in your apartment. :)

  3. Nnenna says

    And here I thought I was being sneaky by not including a picture of the actual project!  You guys are too smart!  Yes, it will be a blanket =)  Thank you all for your lovely comments and for playing my little guessing game! =)

  4. tia_cherie says

    I just started knitting this week and it is so much fun.  I'm doing it right now actually as I am replying to blog comments. I'm looking forward to seeing your project. Mine is a red jumper, it is going to take weeks I think.