The World Must Be Ending

Yellow 1

Forever 21 Top, Skirt, and Target Flats

Ok, I know the title of this post is rather dramatic, but you guys have to understand the seriousness of the situation.  I am wearing a yellow top.  Nope, that means nothing to you?  Well let me explain- up until about three weeks ago, yellow was my absolute least favorite color in the world.  I could handle it on other people, but never myself.  I previously owned one yellow shirt, which I certainly did not purchase, but was given to me as a gift.  Then something happened to me a few weeks ago.  I starting seeing yellow items of clothing and liking them!  I thought maybe it would pass, but no;  I saw yellow dresses, yellow shirts, yellow shorts- I liked them all!  Finally, I knew the transformation was complete when I was shopping in Forever 21 and I actually purchased this shirt.  The first solid yellow piece of clothing I’ve ever bought for myself!

So now I’m all about the yellow and in particular I’m liking this combination of gray and yellow.  Hmm, might use it as color-palette design inspiration for my new place!  Speaking of which, if anyone has any tips or advice for apartment hunting in NYC, I would love to hear it!

On a random note: would anyone be interested in doing a clothes swap with me?  I’ve been feeling really tired of my wardrobe lately and thought this might be a fun way to explore new options, since I can’t be spending too much money acquiring new things.  Let me know if you’re at all interested! :)


Pretty in Pink: Work Edition

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Stripe dress, 99
Designers Remix Collection wrap around top, $129
Marc Jacobs ballerina shoes, $444
Dorothy Perkins body bag, 10
Monsoon south sea pearl earrings, 6

Since I started working, I’ve been focusing on putting together outfits that I can wear to work.  Since my work is fairly casual, there are some things I can get away with (not these things!), but of course I still need to look professional.  This dress, in my opinion, is just absolutely lovely!  My favorite details are the pretty pleating at the bust and in the skirt.  Now, if I were wearing this to work, I would add that drapey white cardigan because it is so chilly in my office building.  Simple flats and a crossbody purse (with matching scallop edges!) are cute and practical, since I walk to work.  Finally, to finish things off, as much as I love me some big dangly earrings, I wear simple studs like these to work so that I don’t distract people with the jangling of my earrings :)

Also, just wanted to remind you all that these are the last few days to enter my giveaway here– don’t miss out and I would love if you spread the word to anyone who you think would like to enter! :D

The Tattoo Guy Was Right

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When I got my first tattoo last year, the tattoo guy was like “You’ll be back!” and I thought, “Who me? Naw, I’m just getting one small little tattoo.”  Well tattoo guy, you were absolutely right.

For my second tattoo, I had a vague concept of what I wanted, so I asked my good friend to sketch a design for me.  The final tattoo is based off of the design she drew for me :)

Also, the other day I went out for drinks for my friends and as I was deciding what to wear, I saw my cherished leather shorts sitting neglected in my closet.  My mission- How to summerize my leather shorts?  I decided to add some of my summer essentials- a comfortable and cute racerback tank and my black sandals.  I think the final result was cute and casual- just what I was going for :)

Ross Cardigan, Forever 21 Tank, Shorts, and Earrings, H&M Ring, Madden Girl Sandals

Tell me: Would you wear leather shorts in the summer?  How about in general?