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There are more round-up posts to come next week in honor of my blog’s one-year birthday, but in the meantime I though it was high time for another outfit post!  It’s been a little while since I last participated in Bloggers Do It Better because the timing wasn’t great for me on the last two challenges.  However, now I’m back in the game and I’m so excited to share this outfit with you guys!

Handknit Vest, Lefties Top, Thrifted Skirt (Goodwill), H&M Flats

I love these challenges for pushing me to try new things!  Six months ago, I would have told you that I couldn’t wear a maxi dress or skirt and look at me now [quick aside: I love that song! Busta Rhymes kills me with his verses! Ok, sorry, back to the matter at hand ;) ]!

I found this coral maxi skirt at the Goodwill back home in California and fell in love immediately.  The color and the beautiful cut and drape just were way too good to pass up!  However, I hadn’t worn it out yet because I couldn’t figure out exactly how I wanted to style it.  So this poor thing had just been languishing in my closet for a while, until BDIB gave me a reason to pull it out.  I decided to go the simple route and let the skirt do all the talking and I think it worked out well.  Then I topped it off with the vest that I knit recently and I love the boho vibe of the whole outfit :)

Tell me: How do you wear your maxi skirt or dress?

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  • This skirt is amazing, Nnenna! Totally digging the color. Such a great summer piece. And such a steal from Goodwill.

    I love Busta’s verse as well. Made a video lip-syncing it. Check it out when you get the chance.


    • Thank you so much Mattie! I think coral is definitely my favorite color this season :) Also, I totally love your video of his verse- one of the best lip-syncing versions I’ve seen!

  • Vasu

    So beautiful, love the colour

  • That pink maxi is heaven! I have one maxi skirt, that is too big, and grey. Me thinks it is time for some maxi diversification.

    • Thank you Noelani! The first maxi skirt I bought was grey too, but I love this one a lot more! =)

  • absolutely LOVE your skirt! it looks beautiful on you, i’d love to try one on that’s similar!!

    and look at me now is one of my fave songs!

    thank you for the comment, love!


    sorelle in style

    • Thank you Sally! I was so happy to find it at a thrift store at such a great price :) Also, isn’t it such a good song? :D

  • I’m still struggling with maxi skirts and dresses, but your outfit looks lovely. Cannot believe that the vest is knitted, it looks like crochet. Really pretty!

    • Thank you very much Sabine! Funny you should mention that because a lot of the vests I looked at like this were crochet patterns, but I kept searching until I found a knit pattern because my knitting is much better than my crocheting! I used two different yarns held together, knit on large needles :)

  • i think the skirt worked quite well also! very cute :)

    • Thank you Krystal! :)

  • I know exactly what you mean with pushing yourself. Also these challenges always inspire me. When I thought I’ve seen it al, someone inspires/surprises me with a look. Love the color of your maxi. And congrats on your blogavirsary.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I am so inspired by other bloggers to try new outfit ideas! =)

  • you found that skirt at Goodwill?!?! Score!

  • I Really love the last photograph.

    • Thank you Danielle! I got a little dizzy from twirling so many times for that picture! haha

  • Love the color of your skirt! Fabulous.

    • Thank you so much Alicia! :)

  • Love your maxi skirt, good thrifted find :) the colour is great! Loving the new layout!

    • Thank you so much Cait! I think it’s my best thrifted find :) And thank you! Glad you like it :)

  • I’m a huge fan of maxi skirts, coral is such a pretty color on you!

    • Thank you so much Janel! :)

  • I love the color of this skirt. When coral first hit the shelves I wasn’t sure how it would work but I find myself loving it in every way theses days. Such a great skirt! – Katy

    • Thank you Katy! I too was a little surprised at first that I love coral as much as I do! :)

  • LOVE that song too! I also am so glad you got to participate this round because I love this skirt on you! And that vest is so classic and pretty!

    • Aww, thanks so much Robin! These challenges are so fun! =)

  • mel

    wow, the color of that skirt is amazing!

    • Thank you so much Mel! It’s my favorite color this summer! =)

  • Love how you styled the maxi! That color looks excellent on your skin!

  • Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too!

    Love the color of that skirt and paired with that cute crotched vest, it’s so on trend!

    • Yay, I’ll have to check out your look! Thank you very much! :)

  • J’Ann

    Love the skirt, esp the color :-)

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  • Gertrude

    You look so great with a maxi!!

    • Aww, thanks Gertrude! :D

    • Thank you Abigael! :)

  • such a pretty color!

  • I think you said it best…”let the skirt do all the talking” Your styling allowed the color & beauty of the skirt to stand out.

    • Thank you very much KayCee! Yes, I thought the skirt was bright and fun enough on its own and I like to keep it simple =)

  • Awww I love that skirt. So fun and bright and looks great on you! I love wearing maxi skirts with wedges or gladiators…and lots of fun accessories :) Have a good day girl!

    Ashley Sloan

    • Thanks so much Ashley! Next time I want to try more accessories with my maxi! :D Hope you had a good day too!

  • I LOVE the color of your maxi skirt!! It looks awesome with the white tones of your top, vest and shoes!! Also, it looks great on you!!

    • Thanks a bunch Emma! :D

  • Van

    Beautiful skirt, the color is so hot this season. (An awesome thrifty find). I’ve been all kinds of obsessed with coral and hot pinks. You look very pretty in this dressed down look with the white tee. And thank you so much for your visit to my blog!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

    • Thank you Van! You’re right, coral is so hot this season and I’m so into it too! :)

  • I adore that maxi skirt! The color is magnificent!

    • Thanks so much Cheryl! =)

  • Hi there, fellow BDIBer! I love the way you accessorized this look – that skirt is thrifted?! What a find.

    Your blog is so much fun to browse. Consider me your newest follower! :)

    -Hallie (aka Maxi Submission#107)

    • Thank you so much Hallie for your sweet words and for following! Welcome welcome =)

  • Elnora Cohen

    Awww I love that skirt. When I thought I’ve seen it al, someone inspires/surprises me with a look.

  • Robin Baldwin

    So fun and bright and looks great on you! Next time I want to try more accessories with my maxi!