BDIB: Maxi Skirt

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There are more round-up posts to come next week in honor of my blog’s one-year birthday, but in the meantime I though it was high time for another outfit post!  It’s been a little while since I last participated in Bloggers Do It Better because the timing wasn’t great for me on the last two challenges.  However, now I’m back in the game and I’m so excited to share this outfit with you guys!

Handknit Vest, Lefties Top, Thrifted Skirt (Goodwill), H&M Flats

I love these challenges for pushing me to try new things!  Six months ago, I would have told you that I couldn’t wear a maxi dress or skirt and look at me now [quick aside: I love that song! Busta Rhymes kills me with his verses! Ok, sorry, back to the matter at hand ;) ]!

I found this coral maxi skirt at the Goodwill back home in California and fell in love immediately.  The color and the beautiful cut and drape just were way too good to pass up!  However, I hadn’t worn it out yet because I couldn’t figure out exactly how I wanted to style it.  So this poor thing had just been languishing in my closet for a while, until BDIB gave me a reason to pull it out.  I decided to go the simple route and let the skirt do all the talking and I think it worked out well.  Then I topped it off with the vest that I knit recently and I love the boho vibe of the whole outfit :)

Tell me: How do you wear your maxi skirt or dress?

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