The Tattoo Guy Was Right

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When I got my first tattoo last year, the tattoo guy was like “You’ll be back!” and I thought, “Who me? Naw, I’m just getting one small little tattoo.”  Well tattoo guy, you were absolutely right.

For my second tattoo, I had a vague concept of what I wanted, so I asked my good friend to sketch a design for me.  The final tattoo is based off of the design she drew for me :)

Also, the other day I went out for drinks for my friends and as I was deciding what to wear, I saw my cherished leather shorts sitting neglected in my closet.  My mission- How to summerize my leather shorts?  I decided to add some of my summer essentials- a comfortable and cute racerback tank and my black sandals.  I think the final result was cute and casual- just what I was going for :)

Ross Cardigan, Forever 21 Tank, Shorts, and Earrings, H&M Ring, Madden Girl Sandals

Tell me: Would you wear leather shorts in the summer?  How about in general?