The Tattoo Guy Was Right

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When I got my first tattoo last year, the tattoo guy was like “You’ll be back!” and I thought, “Who me? Naw, I’m just getting one small little tattoo.”  Well tattoo guy, you were absolutely right.

For my second tattoo, I had a vague concept of what I wanted, so I asked my good friend to sketch a design for me.  The final tattoo is based off of the design she drew for me :)

Also, the other day I went out for drinks for my friends and as I was deciding what to wear, I saw my cherished leather shorts sitting neglected in my closet.  My mission- How to summerize my leather shorts?  I decided to add some of my summer essentials- a comfortable and cute racerback tank and my black sandals.  I think the final result was cute and casual- just what I was going for :)

Ross Cardigan, Forever 21 Tank, Shorts, and Earrings, H&M Ring, Madden Girl Sandals

Tell me: Would you wear leather shorts in the summer?  How about in general?


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    I love your leather shorts! Really cute! I have yet to make the tattoo plunge! I’m afraid I won’t like in a few months! I change my mind too often. Yours is really cute though!

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      Thank you very much! Yes, that was the hardest thing about deciding what to get, but then I realized it was obvious because I’ve always loved stars :)

  2. says

    Love the outfit!
    Hey check out my blog for a chance to win a HOLD ME beauty bag in my challenge, good luck and have a great weekend XOXO

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    there was definitely a point in time when everyone was wearing them and i was desperate to find a pair, but i resolved to thrift store findings only. they didn’t show up – but if they did, I’d probably buy them.

    And in the summer, possibly. I have some tweed shorts I really like in the winter, and I haven’t thought of a way to wear them yet this summer. and heck, july is almost gone!

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      Yes, I was searching for these for months and it was actually my sister who spotted one last pair in my size and bought them for me- she’s awesome! :D I have a pair of wintry tweed shorts and I just feel like they would be way too hot in the summer. Let me know if you figure out a way to do it!

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    Nnenna, it looks awesome!!!! i know the feeling and have gone back for more work myself. it’s almost addicting! your friends design rocks and i’m thrilled for you on the turn out. such a sweet spot for it to be placed. nice one! thanks a bunch for your feedback on the blog design i did, most appreciated! i don’t have the legs to pull off those shorts but you certainly do, they look great! happy weekend.

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      Thanks so much Lynn, it feels even more special to know my friend drew it just for me :) Haha, now I won’t be surprised if I get another, it is totally addicting!

  5. says

    I think seriously about getting a tattoo at least once/year… except that I can never decide on anything, so I guess I’m not ready to commit yet! I want leather shorts so much and I would definitely wear them during the summer… and winter… and fall and spring!

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      Yes, I definitely thought about it for a while and waited until I was absolutely sure for the first one :) Hehe, yay for another leather shorts lover!

  6. says

    tattoos are so addictive. i got one when i turned 18 then kept wanting to get more. it was hard to stop. by ended up only having 2 in the end.

    i love those shorts. i think leather shorts are totally great for summer HOWEVER, be careful cuz i have faux leather shorts that i love an you just have to be careful because if it’s a hot day then you end up sweating a ton because they don’t breathe. not pretty at all!

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      It is hard to stop- I wonder how many I’ll end up with?! Thank you Claire and thanks for the warning- I definitely wouldn’t wear them in the heat wave we were having!

  7. says

    I’m trying to find the courage to get my first tattoo!! But I can never decide what to get! So I’d rather wait it out

  8. says

    I can totally imagine that you get addicted to tattoos… I’ve been considering one for ages, but haven’t made the step yet. The leather shorts look great on you, Nnenna. Definitely a YES.

  9. says

    Tattoos are addicting. I managed to stop at two but I am also maybe one of few who truly regret getting mine. I was 18 and my tattoos were just an act of rebellion.

    But your tattoo is awesome and your friend did a terrific job designing it, I am way jealous.

    Love the leather shorts. You made it a great summer ensemble.

    • says

      Thanks so much Madeleine! That is interesting- do you think you would get another now that wasn’t connected to an act of rebellion?

  10. Gertrude says

    love your new tat! Personally I wouldn’t wear them in Summer cause they would feel too sticky in all the heat.

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      Thanks so much Gertrude! I wore these on a day that wasn’t too hot, so I was ok, but I imagine I would have been miserable in them if it had been much hotter!

  11. says

    TATTOOS! I so desperately want one myself! It looks great! And ohhh, I’m also on the lookout for a pair of sexy leather shorts, ow owww! xxAnisa

  12. Merle Hines says

    I am such a chicken, I don’t think I could ever get a tattoo. That is interesting- do you think you would get another now that wasn’t connected to an act of rebellion? I change my mind too often.

  13. Krista Huffman says

    But your tattoo is awesome and your friend did a terrific job designing it, I am way jealous. I have yet to make the tattoo plunge! I so desperately want one myself! i got one when i turned 18 then kept wanting to get more.