Have You Missed Me?


Hello loves, have you missed me?  I’m so happy that things have finally settled down a little bit and that I can get back to blogging.

TJ Maxx Camisole, Forever 21 Skirt and Cardigan (below), Target Flats

This is one of a few outfit pictures taken in my old room that I haven’t put up yet!  Previously, I’d only worn this sheer bird-print cami on the weekends when I was going out with friends, but this day I made it appropriate for work by wearing a sold black cami underneath.  I also made this circle skirt a little more modest by unfolding the waistline and wearing it at a longer length (you can see how I’ve worn in previously here).

Well, I think I owe you guys a life update!  We got the apartment we wanted!  In fact, last weekend was spent painting my room, moving in, and battening down the hatches in preparation for Hurricane Irene, which thankfully didn’t cause too much damage.  On Monday, I made a trip to Ikea and purchased a bunch of stuff for my room, including my mattress which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow!  I’m enjoying putting my room together and having complete design control; I still have so much unpacking to do though!  Here’s a little sneak peek:

Two things I painted- my walls yellow and my bookshelf grey

Another thing I’m excited for is all the Fashion Week events starting next week!  Amidst all the chaos of moving, I’ve not yet sat down to plan out what events I’m attending/what I’m wearing!  If you’re going to be in NYC next week and you want to meet up at one of the events (like the Stranded Blogger Meetup or Blogger’s Night Out), send me a tweet and we’ll figure it out!  Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day weekend and I can’t wait to meet some of you IRL next week!