ModSwap- Swap is the New Shop!


And the fun don’t stop! :D  Last Friday, Alex and I met up and went to the ModSwap, an event organized by The Swapaholics and Modcloth!  For both of us, this was our first swap!  When we walked into the room, we were handed a super cute tote and we were allowed to chose one Modcloth item for ourselves.  Then we tagged the two items we had brought to swap and exchanged them for other clothes that caught our eye.  It’s such a great way to recycle old clothes and give them a new home :)

Maria of Little Tree Vintage and Lauren of A Wild Tonic

Katy Rose browsing through the racks

Also, they had a super cute background set up, as well as great props, so Alex and I couldn’t resist hamming it up for a bit!  :D

H&M Shirt and Skirt, Target Wedges, Lulu’s Bag

In between the swapping clothes and sipping drinks and snapping pictures, I also had the chance to meet some great bloggers in real life!  First, I met Noelani from Mon Petit Chou Chou who was so pretty and nice!  We had missed each other on Wednesday, so I was really glad we were able to meet up at this event.  I also met the lovely Mel from Une Vie Geniale– she was so very sweet and fun to chat with and it was also her birthday that day!

Had to snap a picture with Katy of course!
Thanks for taking some of these pictures Alex! =)

In addition to these lovely gals, I spotted some of my other favorites including Tieka from Selective Potential and Julie from Orchid Grey.  I even managed to snag one of Julie’s swap items- this beautiful dress that I can’t wait to wear!

Now that I’ve been to my first swap, I think I’m addicted! =)  Thanks so much to Modcloth and The Swapaholics for organizing such a fantastic event!  You can check out more pictures of all the fabulous bloggers on The Swapaholics Facebook Page and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for pictures of my swap scores!


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  1. says

    That sounds awesome! Especially because buying clothes seems like such a waste when I have so many already. I would much rather trade them! Anyway, in response to your comment, I’m still impressed with your patience! I usually put away a big project and then don’t touch it for literally MONTHS at a time… even when the only thing I have left to do is seam up underarms (reh!) although part of it is probably the fact that my lack of expertise makes me nervous to try a new technique! I have never actually finished knitting a sweater that I would be proud of wearing haha. And sock yarn! Of course! I guess this means I need to go yarn shopping :]

  2. says

    Looks like you all had a fab time! I was sorry to miss the swap but I arrived to NYC *just* in time for the Gen Art show. Thanks for popping over to my blog!

  3. says

    It was so nice to finally meet you too Nnenna! I am still trying to catch up from that whirlwind of a week! Need to check out Alex’s site too, on top of my to do list….

  4. says

    This looks like a fantastic time, I would love to go to a swap! Adorable outfit, you look so fresh in your denim and white outfit. A beautiful smile doesn’t hurt either! Thanks for swinging by my blog, I will definitely be back to visit.

  5. says

    Ahh this makes me SO jealous!! I would love to go to that Modswap. My friends and I have all been saying how we want to get rid of some clothes, so maybe I should try and organise something like this myself…:)

    Also, you look very pretty in your shirt and blouse and I love the dresses you swapped for in the post above!

    Sadie x