Swap Scores


Hello there!  I’m back to show off the pretty items I scored at the ModSwap event that I recapped yesterday!

Previously owned by Melissa of The Swapaholics

This breezy polka dot dress will be fun to wear while it’s still sunny and will look great with tights and boots when the weather gets a bit chillier.  Thanks Melissa! :)

Previously owned by Julie of Orchid Grey

The colors in this dress are so lovely and the pretty feminine pleats are right up my alley! Thanks Julie! :)

ModCloth Multifold Sophisticate Dress

The lovely Alex found this for me!  She spotted it on the racks, handed it to me, and said, “This is for you,” and that was that!  You all know how much I love black and this LBD will make a great addition to my closet.  When I tried it on, I immediately felt sophisticated, like a film star from an old black-and-white movie.  Thanks ModCloth! :)

All my pretty dresses lined up in a row

Tell me: What’s the best item you’ve ever scored at a swap?