Accessories Challenge: Part Two


With all of the busyness surrounding opening my etsy shop, I forgot to post the second part of my accessories challenge (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, read more here)!

Day 3: Owl Necklace from KittyCait

Day 4: Ring from H&M

Day 5: Ring from Forever 21

By challenging myself to wear more than my usual accessories for a week, I was able to give some of the pieces in my jewelry collection a little more love!  I now spend more time thinking about and choosing what accessories I want to wear to complement my outfit.  Even though I won’t be documenting it all the time, it’s definitely an on-going challenge! :)

On another note, I’m going to D.C. for the first time this weekend, so I’m very excited about that!  It will be nice to get out of NYC for a little bit, visit with old friends, and tour a new city :)

Tell me: What are your weekend plans?