NYC Yarn Crawl

Yarn Crawl 2

*Graphics above from Pugly Pixel

This past weekend, I participated in New York City’s 3rd Annual Yarn Crawl.  For those who don’t know what a “crawl” involves, it is where you travel from store to store usually sampling different varieties of the same product.  In this case, the product was yarn and boy did we snuggle up to and touch all different kinds of yarn!

My knitter friend and I met up on that brisk fall day and walked around to three different yarn stores that were participating in the crawl.  First up was Downtown Yarns, the yarn store closest to my current apartment.  They had such a great selection and the ladies in the store were so sweet.  One of the awesome things about the yarn crawl was that many of the stores were offering discounts and at each store you could enter a raffle to win a basket full of yarn goodies!  After Downtown Yarns, we walked over to Loopy Mango, a yarn store/vintage boutique.  They had all sorts of great vintage goods there, mixed in with newer products, as well as a selection of specialty yarns in the back.  Lastly, we went to Purl Soho, one of the first yarn stores I visited in NYC.  It is definitely one of my favorites because the selection is ah-mazing and they carry pretty fabrics as well!  Not to mention their blog, which is chock full of knitting patterns that I immediately add to my queue of things to make.  I also got to touch the yarn that was used to make the beautiful rug below and it was one of the softest yarns I’ve ever felt!  I can only dream of having this lovely piece in my home…

Since I’m on a budget, I only picked up one skein of yarn, but I’m excited to turn it into something pretty for the shop.  And who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and win one of the raffle baskets! :D