Handmade Holidays: Sponsor Edition

Handmade Holidays

For this edition of Handmade Holidays, I wanted to highlight my lovely November Sponsors: Cat of BrideBlu and Fatima of Flowers From Fatima!  These ladies are so sweet and make absolutely gorgeous jewelry and hair accessories!  You should definitely check out my picks below and their etsy shops- any of these pieces would make a beautiful handmade gift for a special woman in your life =)

(Images from their etsy shops- click pictures for links!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating!  Also, don’t forget to check back on Friday for a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount code to my etsy shop!

  • Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog tonight. *^_^*

    These pictures from your sponsors are so pretty!

    I just love your bows in your Etsy shop. Just went on a “favorite-ing” spree. hehe!

    Hope you are having a great night!


    • Hehe, awww, thanks! *waves back* Thank you for dropping by mine :)

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Wow how pretty! I love the star necklace! :D

  • That red stone is gorgeous! x

  • Wow, great pieces – I love that star necklace!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  • Nice! You seriously find the best stuff. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too (if you celebrate it)!

  • i love the headband. very pretty. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • M
  • Oh I love that beautiful red jewel necklace. So pretty!

  • I love the little star necklace, its so cute!

  • barak

    It is a lovely gifts. but there is a sentence that says. the cow want to give more then the calf want to take. in other words, she will prefer i just tell her sweet words :) thank you

  • I love the star necklace!

  • These are great gift ideas, how pretty! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  • Really digging the floral headpieces! Lovely.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  • Handmade is definitely the way to go for gift-giving! ETSY is a great place to start!