Steve Madden Cabaret Party with Keiko Lynn!

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all photos either taken by Alex, myself, or in the photobooth

Last week, Alex was in town and we went to a couple fun events together!  First up was the Steve Madden Cabaret Party with Keiko Lynn.  I was feeling really tired that day and almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad that Alex convinced me to come out because I had so much fun!  Keiko’s blog was one of the very first that I started reading/following and I think she has amazing style, so it was really cool to meet her in person!  Keiko was so very sweet and greeted us right when we arrived at the party and made sure we felt welcome- what a great host!  Alex, her friend Shivani, and I had a great time sipping cocktails, getting our makeup done, and of course, hamming it up in front of the photobooth!  Alex and I have decided that it isn’t really a party without a photobooth; seriously, it is so much fun to grab all of the props and go crazy taking pictures! ;)

Check back later in the week to hear more about the other event Alex and I went to! :)


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