Dance Until the World Ends- NYE


You guys know me- always a couple of weeks late when it comes to pictures! Haha :) I finally uploaded my pictures from NYE and wanted to share with you guys snippets from my night.  With all the chaos of getting ready (my roomie had some friends over so our little apartment was filled to capacity!) I forgot ask someone to snap head-to-toe (or H2T as Tyra would say) pictures of my outfit- silly me!  You can see most of it in the pictures below- I’m wearing a Forever 21 top and leather shorts (love those shorts, probably one of my fave purchases ever!), gold sparkly tights from Joe Fresh, and black wedges.

A little bubbly toast!

I make this face more often than you think! ;)

*pictures taken either by myself or my friends!


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    Yeeeeah for leather shorts! Where are they from? I need another pair. Or five. Because you can never have too many pairs of leather shorts.

    Looks like a great time!

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      Thanks Ashley! They’re from Forever 21 a while ago- I was searching for them forever and finally found them earlier this year! :) Agreed, I almost got some red leather shorts the other day!

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    Look at yooou, rocking leather shorts! I love it. And your nails look stunning as well. Looks like you had a fabulous New Years, doll! I’m so glad, you absolutely deserved it. (:

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    Loving the shorts! Also, I’ve resolved I have to get all the things with the black cats from the Jason Wu collaboration since I have a black cat myself :)

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      Thank you Eli! Well that makes perfect sense of course! :) I’m definitely hoping I can snag one of the black cat scarves, along with a couple of other things from my wishlist!

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      Same to you Alyse! :) Awww, thank you! I wanted to try something different, but it only took me like an hour to do that to my hair…needless to say, only for special occasions! haha