Missing the Holidays


Forever 21* dress via Saver’s, Target* tights, Steve Madden* flats

So clearly, these pictures were taken during Christmastime when I was still at home with my family!  If you look closely at the tree behind me, you’ll see that the decorations are a mish mash of all the ornaments that we kids have made over the years.  It’s kind of a hot mess, but I love it! :)  I wore this cute little dress that I thrifted from Saver’s for Christmas Eve.  Looking back at these pictures really makes me miss the holiday season- I think it just goes by way too quickly!  But since it has now been over for weeks, I’ll just have to get over it and find some other date to look forward to, like February 5th! ;)

This one is just for you guys ;)

P.S. I’m going to try a little experiment this week and attempt to post everyday, so see you back here tomorrow! :)

  • that dress is absolutely beautiful on you

  • Now I miss the holidays as well! the photos are very lovely and I love your dress!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  • That is such a cute dress. I love blue on you.

    You should have seen the one tree this year… there was a hilarious owl. I do not even know where it came from, but it was huge and its eyes followed you everywhere.

    And there may have been one foot bows as well.

  • In my opinion, hot mess trees are the very best kind. And I think we own the same tights. Because we are awesome.


  • Nnenna, I swear, the holidays went by SUPER fast! I miss my tree already. You look so lovely in that blue dress!

    ♥ laura
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  • Bright tree, bright dress, YES!

  • I love Christmas trees with a lot of family history. Your dress is adorable. I love the pretty blue color.

  • I love that dress!! And yes, the holiday season goes too fast :(

  • i miss the holidays too, they always come and go far too quickly!

    Chic on the Cheap

  • Cute look.

  • You look fantastic in turquoise! :) Trees with home-made ornaments are the best. :)