You Might Say I’m a Girly Girl

Girly Girl Dress Swapped from Orchid Grey 1

Forever 21* Cardigan, Swapped* Dress, Steve Madden* Flats

Let’s keep the swap talk going, shall we? :)  I thought it would be appropriate to follow up my last post with an outfit post showing off an item that I swapped!  During the ModSwap event last September, I snagged this pretty dress from Julie of Orchid Grey.  I remember seeing the dress on the rack and thinking, “Oh my gosh, I love this dress!  I hope this fits!  Please fit, please fit!”  I snatched up the dress immediately and raced into the bathroom to try it on, and lo and behold- it fit!

I think I feel best in a dress like this with a girly silhouette.  With the lovely color combination of gray, pink, and purple and the pleated details on this dress, I just couldn’t help but feel pretty! :)

*pictures taken in CA by my sister

Since I’m apparently on a girly kick, check back later in the week for a very girly manicure! :)

Tell me: What’s your go-to silhouette or outfit when you want to feel your best?


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  1. says

    Oh boy, I would have snatched that dress right up, too, if I’d seen it. I really like the color combinations. It’s very girly. Kind of makes me think of a cupcake or candy.

    *I didn’t know you were in California until I read the subtext. Thought it must have been super warm up in New York!

  2. says

    Yay on pretty dresses!!! I as well feel my best in a pretty dress that is very romantic and girly, so ruffles, pink, bows, and lace is my go to choice! You look lovely in this dress, and I am glad you got it and it fit!!! :)
    Have a very sweet day!
    Good luck!

  3. says

    What an awesome dress and you look great in it! I don’t usually choose pastel colors, but I have to admit that I’d totally wear this dress!