On Nnenna’s Nails #9: Flirty Polka Dots and My Julep Maven Box

Flirty Polka Dot Nails in Gray and Pink

Gray* Julep Meryl and Pink* (old)

When I saw that Julep was having an amazing deal where you could sign up to be a Julep Maven and only pay $1 for your first month, I pounced!  I took their style quiz and got matched with the style “Classic with a Twist,” which I think is fitting.  Only two days after signing up, I got my first box in the mail!  Inside were two pretty nail polishes (a super fun sparkly gold color and a wonderful cool gray) along with a small can of Topcoat for Hair and a yummy piece of chocolate.

Of course, I had to try out my new colors right away, so I used the gray from my Julep Maven box and a pink polish I picked up a long time ago to create the polka dot design on my nails.  I used a bobby pin to make the polka dots and I’m pretty happy with how clean the dots came out.  However, I don’t love this pink with the gray, so I would definitely try a different color combination next time.  Also, I think it looks better when there are fewer dots spaced out- I think my ring finger above is a good example.

Tell me: Would you sport polka dots on your nails?

Get the Look: Mary Margaret from Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time, Season 1 Episode 11, Mary Margaret

Steve Madden Drop Waist Twill Coat ** Jonathan Saunders Bright Blue Keyhole Front Dress
Betsey Johnson Blue Bird Stud Earrings ** Steve Madden ‘Tanngoo’ Bootie

I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I watch a lot of television.  And by a lot, I mean a lot.  To the point where I keep a spreadsheet each season to keep track of all the shows I’m watching (crazy, I know!).  Well for today’s post, I decided to try something new and recreate an outfit from one of the shows I watch.

This outfit comes from the ABC show, Once Upon a Time.  Ginnifer Goodwin, plays the character Mary Margaret, who is really Snow White (right now, you’re saying, “What?” but if you read the synopsis on Wikipedia this will make a lot more sense).  Anyway, Mary Margaret has pretty cute style and this outfit she wore on a recent episode caught my eye.  I love how she’s not afraid to mix two bold colors and keeps her outfit casual with a pair of cute booties.

Tell me: Do watch Once Upon a Time? Which of these items do you like?

Lulu’s Style Studio & Blogger’s Night Out

Lulu's NYFW Style Studio and Blogger's Night Out 1

You already saw what I wore, now get ready for a full recap of last Friday’s events!

Lulu’s NYFW Style Studio was a blast!  After meeting at my place, Alex and I headed down to the event in Soho and basically arrived at the same time as Katy.  Luckily, when we got there it was still early so we could take our time browsing the various booths.  There were also delicious treats and drinks for us to partake in- yum!  Then, we followed our style map to determine our personal style.  Just by looking at the descriptions, I knew that the most accurate for me was “Sweetheart.”  Even better, we got to snag one free item from our signature style rack and Alex found this adorable skirt for me which I had pinned weeks ago as an item on my wishlist!  I’m telling you, that girl has a knack for picking clothes for me (she did it at the Modswap event too!)

Jamillah met us at Style Studio and before we left, we had to snap outfit pictures, naturally! ;)

                              Jamilllah                                                            Katy 

Alex was of course, behind the camera (she took the pictures above), so I don’t have any pictures of her!  With my shoes already starting to pinch, the four of us trotted up to Blogger’s Night Out.  If I thought the Lulu’s event was crowded, BNO was definitely packed! There were so many bloggers, it was kind of crazy!  We were able to find a spot in the back room to sit and do a bit of people watching while we sipped our cocktails. Katy and I talked about this at the event, but what I love about blogger events is that everyone is dressed so differently.  There was such a wide range of styles on display and it was fun to take note of all the cool pieces that people were wearing.  TJ Maxx and Marshalls, one of the sponsors of BNO, alos had some great items on display, especially this gorgeous yellow purse below.

After a while we called it a night, but not before grabbing our swag bags!  Check out all the fun goodies I scored below!

Lulu’s NYFW Style Studio and Blogger’s Night Out were both super fun events, but the best part was getting to hang out with Alex, Katy, and Jamillah!  Can’t wait for the next event ladies! :D

She’s a Velvet Lady

She's A Velvet Lady 3

Thrifted* Dress, Shanghai Eclipse Pendant c/o JewelMint,
Forever 21* Earrings and Necklace, Black Tights/Wedges (old)

This was such an eventful and fun weekend for me! On Friday, I was so pumped to go to these blogger events, starting off with Lulu’s NYFW Style Studio. Since I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of time after work to get ready, I laid out my outfit the night before.  After trying on a couple of different things, I settled on this little velvet mini dress. I found it at Saver’s for a steal and I absolutely love it! Plus, on a cold New York night, I knew that the long sleeves and thick velvet fabric would keep me warm. I’m also wearing this awesome necklace from Jewelmint that I think makes such a statement! It paired perfectly with my dress- I love the combination of black and gold. :)

The lovely Alex took these pictures using a neat little photography trick- she took one of her business cards and used it to diffuse the flash. I love that with that simple trick these pictures don’t have the harshness that comes with flash!  We also hung out with Jamillah and Katy the whole night, who were a blast as usual :) Check back for more pictures and details of the event on Wednesday!

P.S. If you want to snag your own JewelMint piece, you can enter ny1002 at checkout for 50% off any piece (your first month of JewelMint), courtesy of the New York MBA Team!