Correspondence Club: March 2012


1. Alex 2. Carrie 3. Carmila 4. Dina 5. me 6. Hope 7. Kat 8. Tracy
Also participating: Stephanie, CamilleRehanaImogen, and Natasha

Once again, I had a blast putting together this month’s Correspondence Club round-up post!  It is so interesting to see how different each person’s letter is and to see the creative touch that all of these letters have.  This month, our little club grew by four members, which is so great to see!  Check out what a few people had to say about their experience below:

Kat:   “I haven’t written a letter in a long time but I love the fact that snail mail is so much more personalised! That people sit down and actually write a letter makes the letter more meaningful to me :) Plus the fact that I love receiving any mail :) It’s a bonus!”

Carrie: “Participating in Correspondence Club has reminded me that keeping in touch with a hand-written note doesn’t have to be time-consuming. My goal for the upcoming month is to surprise at least one friend or important person in my life with a hand-written note. :)”

Carrie also shared this wonderful video on the dying art of letter writing.  One thing that jumped out to me from the speech was the following quote: “Why can’t we have letters and emails?!”  My hope with the Correspondence Club is that we can help keep the art of letter-writing around for a little while longer :)

Do you want to join the Correspondence Club for April?  We’d love to have you!  If you would like to participate in April, please send me your information by noon on Sunday (April 1st at 12:00pm EST).

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends


I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I recently joined a local Etsy team here in New York, The New New Etsy Team!  I’m really excited to be a part of the group and get to know more crafters here in NYC.  In addition, I’ll be contributing posts on their blog, so that’s where I am today!  The picture above is just a sneak peek, click through to my post to see how I found some of Spring’s biggest trends on Etsy.  This is my first post on the New New Team blog, so I would love for you guys to leave me a little bit of comment love over there! :)  Also, check back on Friday for the March round-up of the Correspondence Club!

A Hint of Spring

A Hint of Spring 1

Target* Trench, TJ Maxx* Cardigan, Charlotte Russe* Dress, Enzo Anglioni* Boots
*All pictures above taken by Alex (thanks lady!)

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, when Alex and I met up to grab a bite to eat.  The dress I’m wearing was actually given to me by Alex, who’s made it a habit of giving me little presents of clothes she no longer wears- she’s got to stop spoiling me! :)  The first day that I checked the weather forecast and there was a hint of springtime temperatures, I took the opportunity  to wear this pretty floral dress and go out with bare legs.  Those are the things I love most about Spring I think- the sun on my face, throwing on my favorite dresses, and being able to set my legs free from tights!

Tell me: What do you love most about Spring?