A Hint of Spring

A Hint of Spring 1

Target* Trench, TJ Maxx* Cardigan, Charlotte Russe* Dress, Enzo Anglioni* Boots
*All pictures above taken by Alex (thanks lady!)

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, when Alex and I met up to grab a bite to eat.  The dress I’m wearing was actually given to me by Alex, who’s made it a habit of giving me little presents of clothes she no longer wears- she’s got to stop spoiling me! :)  The first day that I checked the weather forecast and there was a hint of springtime temperatures, I took the opportunity  to wear this pretty floral dress and go out with bare legs.  Those are the things I love most about Spring I think- the sun on my face, throwing on my favorite dresses, and being able to set my legs free from tights!

Tell me: What do you love most about Spring?