Feeling Very(.com) Well-Dressed

Very.com Outfit 1

c/0 Very.com* Blazer, Dress, Shoes; Forever 21* Earrings; Jason Wu for Target* Satchel

When the lovely people at Very.com gave me the opportunity to review an outfit from their website, I jumped at the chance!  Once I received these pretty clothes, I was just waiting for the perfect time to wear them, and that time turned out to be the NYC Bloggers Swap last week (full recap of that event coming soon!).

This outfit was perfect for that event because I needed something that I could wear to work and then easily transition to the Bloggers Swap after work.  The weather that day was really pleasant, so I felt very easy/breezy in this light floaty dress and bare legs.  After all the Jason Wu for Target madness (you can read more about my experience here and here), I’d also been waiting for the perfect time to bust out my favorite purchase from that collection- the satchel.  Did I mention I’m one of those weirdos who likes to hoard her new clothes until it’s the perfect time to wear them? ;)

Aside from feeling really comfortable, my favorite things about this outfit are the details: the pretty keyhole on the back of the dress, the knot on these peep-toe wedges, the ruched sleeves on the blazer, the simple chicness of the satchel, and the beautiful embroidery across the front of the dress.

To take this outfit from day to night I threw on the blazer (which I started to wear earlier, except I was too warm!), changed from flats to these wedges, and put on some red lipstick.  These three easy little changes made me feel glam and ready to meet-and-greet at the swap! :)  This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn recently and I’ll definitely be checking again at Very.com to see what other lovely clothes I might want to purchase for spring!

*All pictures above taken by Alex (thanks lady!)

  • I love this whole look on you! And now I’m regretting not investing in the satchel…

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

    • Thank you Courtney! :) The satchel was #1 on my list- I HAD to have it!

  • nice dress! and omg i’ve been chasing after that jason wu for target satchel! x


    • Thank you Becks! Oh, I hope you end up finding the satchel!

  • such a pretty dress! black/white always look classy and timeless!


  • Your dress is super dang cute! I love this look on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    • Thanks so much Bonnie! :)

  • that dress is a dream! you look beautiful!


    • Aww, thanks so much! :)

  • love this outfit, you truly do look very well dresse! loving the dress! :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

    • Thank you so much Gabriele! :D

  • This dress is perfect!! You look fantastic.

  • that dress is so so cute! The details on it are splendid. (ps I totally hoard my new clothes too)

    • Thank you Amber! Yay, so glad to hear I’m not the only who does that :)

  • I am loving that dress! IT LOOKS GREAT ON YOU :)

    • Thank you thank you Megan! :D

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  • You look gorgeous! I couldn’t really get a good look at you at the event, so glad you guys took pics :)

    • Thank you Kimberlee! Can’t wait for the next event! :)

  • Jesslie

    The shoes for me is definitely awesome! I want to try it and I am sure I will love this kind of shoes…

  • I’m still pretty jealous of this dress. The details are so beautiful.

    Okay, weird clothes hoarder. We’ll just have to go out and do more fun things so you don’t have to hoard!

    • Thanks Alex- the details really make this dress I think! :) Haha, I know, it is kind of a weird habit to hoard my new clothes- I guess I just always like to have something fresh and unworn in my closet! :D

  • GORGEOUS!! Love the detailing and that bag, too!

  • Eli

    Ah the dress is very pretty! I like the details, especially the embroidering and the overlap of the back.

    • Eli

      Oops, didn’t mean to leave a reply on the reply!

  • Stunning dress! This is probably my favourite outfit that you have ever posted. You look fantastic. I love the shape of the dress, the colour is perfect on you and the detailing at the top is beautiful.

  • The detail in this dress is beautiful! I love the neckline and keyhole design in the back. I agree perfect party dress.


  • I SO want an Alex in my life who will take pictures of me out on the town like this. You look stunning, grrrrl! The dress is amazing, and I love how you made it season appropriate (spring, that is) by pairing it with the satchel.

    • I am so lucky to have Alex to help me with my pictures- girl’s got skills! Thanks Ashley- I was so happy that it was warm enough to wear this dress last week :)

  • what a great look! love the very girly dress with the black accents. and that purse is so cool!


  • Daisymay

    that dress is so pretty! Good old very.com
    Daisy Dayz
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  • i just LOVE the dress!!
    soooooo cute