Lacoste LIVE in Brooklyn, NY!

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When I saw the new campaign that Lacoste is launching this spring, inspired by Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I immediately loved the concept!  The new collection is called LACOSTE L!VE and the idea behind it was to take the old-school style of Lacoste and mesh that with the fresh new style of the streets. According to their website, they’re “playing with classics to reinvent the future” and “preppy is now hip and edgy.”

For their new campaign, photographer Mark Hunter featured several unconventional artists, such as Street tape artist Aakash Nihalini, Amanda Warner from the electro duo MNDR and Leyla Safai from the punk hip hop group HeartsChallenger.  I love that Lacoste featured local artists and used Brooklyn as a backdrop!

Also, the clothes and accessories in the LACOSTE L!VE campaign are fun and colorful- so perfect for the summer season.  Check out some of my favorites and watch a little snippet of the video below!

*all images via LACOSTE L!VE

If you want to learn more about the campaign, you can check out LACOSTE L!VE on Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, or Google +!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; however, all thoughts and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

  • Beautiful! It’s about time that Lacoste will bring back their past galore and mix it with these days precision and freestyle. Well done!

    Best Wishes,
    Tammy of

    • Glad you liked the post Tammy- thanks so much for visiting! :)

  • it looks and sounds so good! Lacoste is a great brand! :)

    Much love, Gabriele. xx

    • Agreed! Thank you for visiting Gabriele!

  • Yes!!! Love Lacoste. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yay, glad you like the post Ashley- thanks for visiting! :)

  • I love the Lacoste watch!!

    • Me too! They have other colors that are just as cute! :)

  • I just saw this :) Definitely a cool idea. It seems like they’re trying to diversify and branch out. Lacoste is one of the Shop the Night Away stores ( on Thursday. You should go! I don’t think I can though.

    • Yes, I love that they’re trying to mix it up! Shop the Night Away sounds like a really cool event, but seeing as how I’m trying not to spend money, I should probably stay away! ;)

  • That jacket is really cute – perfect for Spring!

    • I agree completely Becca! And yay for Spring arriving soon! :)

  • That really is a great campaign. If Lacoste can get the hipsters on board, they’re golden!

    • Haha, well said Marissa, well said! :D

  • Margarita @ Las Vegas Vacations

    The Knit Bows are really cute. I got a set for my daughter. She wants the Lacoste watch too! Much appreciation!

    • Thank you very much Margarita!

  • SOOOO COOL!!!! Love stuff like this!

    • Yay, so glad you liked the post Smita! I too think it’s a pretty awesome campaign! :)

  • I heart Lacoste. I really like this new concept. I mean honestly I will always love the preppy vibe of the brand. But giving it is an urban twist is fantastic.

    • I feel the same Madeleine! I really enjoy the classic feel of the brand, but love that they’re trying to keep things fresh too! :)

  • what a great looking collection. love the preppy lacoste style mixed with a bit of brooklyn edge.

    • Yes, it makes for an interesting new twist! :)

  • I swear they have the coolest campaigns. I’ve been following it since last year and love seeing retro rad style!

    • I agree, the campaign is so cool and different and I love the idea of incorporating unconventional artists! :)

  • Eli

    I think I need that red jacket in my life!!

    • Isn’t it so cute? And it would be perfect for spring! :)