Put on Your Easter Best

Put on Your Easter Best 1

Yesterday, my friend hosted Easter Brunch at her lovely apartment in Brooklyn.  We were all instructed to come dressed in our Easter best, so it was the perfect opportunity to pull out a pretty dress and sport a large floppy hat! :)  My friend, the hostess, did a wonderful job of creating a springy atmosphere in her apartment and prepared many delicious treats for us, including that adorable egg-shaped cake.  She even hid Easter eggs all around her apartment, so we had a mini Easter egg hunt.  I was this close to winning, but somebody beat me by three eggs!  Between the delicious mimosas and the great company, it was a lovely day all around.  I haven’t really celebrated Easter since I left home for college four years ago, so it was really wonderful to get together and spend the afternoon with my good friends here in NYC :)

Tell me: Did you celebrate Easter or Passover this past weekend?