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You all know how much I love sending and receiving packages because I tend to go on and on about it! When there’s an opportunity to swap letters/packages, I just can’t pass it up.  I wanted to share some of the things that have shown up in my mailbox recently :)


When I read about the Shop Swap on Oh Hello Friend, I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea.  Etsy shop owners signed up to “swap shops,” meaning we sent each other a package filled with goodies from our shops.  My partner was Maggie of Epershands and she’s the sweetest!  She sent me beautiful jewelry and accessories that I just love.  I’ve already worn my delicate gold locket several times this week :) Thanks again Maggie for swapping with me!

I also received the prettiest journal and cutest card from Stephanie for the Correspondence Club!  It came after I did last week’s round-up post, but I wanted to make sure it made an appearance on the blog :) Receiving this journal has inspired me to get back to journal writing, so I’m trying to write a little bit, at least every couple of days.

Now I want to tell you about a package swap that you can all participate in called Send Something Good! This is Round 2 of Package Pals, created by the awesome Gentri Lee (you can read about my experience in Round 1 here). Kaitlyn of isavirtue (one of my favorite shops on Etsy) has created a special line of products for this project, and of course I couldn’t resist picking up a few things! ;) Trust me, it’s a lot of fun and you can go here for all the details!

Tell me: Have you received anything good in the mail lately?


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    Came to check out your blog and I love it – so many great ideas! I absolutely love your knit bow headband, I may just need to order one for next winter here in Canada :)


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    thanks nnenna!

    sometimes when i’m going through a dry spell and not receiving very much in the mail, i order things off of etsy just to get something fun in my mail box! i’m sooo sad i missed the etsy shop swap!! let me know about it next time ok?

    let me know when you get your something good products in the mail. it helps me rest at ease…

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      Oh yes, I am constantly ordering things off Etsy too! My roommate asks me, “How are you always getting so many packages?!” haha

      Yes, I will absolutely let you know if there’s another etsy shop swap and also when my something good stationery arrives- can’t wait! :)

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    this seems like a really cute idea….im reading a couple of peoples blog entries about it but i think i might try to do it next month!

    Just wanted to also say i love your blog! so cute and simple. I have been blogging on and off for a couple years and i just recently started a new one (my 3rd)and in turn i really enjoy reading about other peoples lives not just about products, tutorials, etc. Keep it up!

    <3 Nikki

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      Awww, thank you so much for your sweet words Nikki! I’m so happy that you stumbled on to my blog :) Also, would love to have you for the Correspondence Club when you have time! :D