California Dreamin’

California Dreamin'

Dresses L to R: Francesca’s Dove Wings Dress, Lulu’s Striped Dress, Ruche Pleated Dress

Sunglasses L to R: StyleMint Rodeo, Fred Flare Red Leopard Ramona, H&M Turquoise

Purses L to R: Melie Bianco Allie Messenger Bag, Le Lapin D’Or Monique Crossbody, Forever 21 Crossbody

Sandals L to R: Modcloth Colorblock Sandal, Topshop Hatty Bow Sandal, Tobi Dolce Vita Archer

Lately, I’ve had California on the brain and the reason is that I’m going home to CA in a little over two weeks to visit my family!  To say that I’m so excited, would be an understatement!  I haven’t really taken any time off yet this year and I haven’t seen my family since Christmas, so I really cannot wait.  I’m looking forward to not waking up to an alarm, lazy days spent with the family, and the warm weather.  Since my hometown is smack in the middle of the desert, it does get really hot in the summer (often it’s over 100 degrees)!  That means that when it comes to my outfits I’ll be keeping it simple in order to stay cool.  I plan on packing several breezy dresses like the ones above, my sunglasses, lots of sandals so my feet can breathe, and a small crossbody purse so that I don’t get weighed down.  I’ll be referring to this post, since I only plan to take a carry-on, and I might just update my packing tutorial afterwards!

Tell me: Are you planning to take a vacation this summer?

  • I love your choices for bold color and dresses that totally steal the show.
    Jealous of your upcoming vacay!

    • Thank you Lydia! I’m so excited to have a week off- I cannot wait :)

  • Annie

    That striped dress is gorgeous! Love these looks :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  • I hope you have an awesome trip – how could you not though, really? I have no vacation plans this summer…just moving home to Canada. Which is actually going to be sort of like a vacation.

    Courtney ~

    • Thank you Courtney! I bet your friends in Canada are really excited that they get to see you soon :)

  • I am in LOVE with the dress in the middle! Adorable. And I also love the sunglasses in the third column. They’re such a fun color for summer!

    • Yes, I’m all about the bright colors this summer! :)

  • I wish I had every one of this pieces, have fun in California :)
    Brooke @ what2wear,

    • Thank you Brooke! I wish I did too! :)

  • Love that striped dress! We think alike :)

    Seize the Styles

    • Yes, when I saw your post I thought it was the same dress! :) Both are very cute!

  • I love that striped dress above! It’s staring me down. (Or more like I’m staring it down.) And isn’t that always the best? When you see the fam for the first time in awhile, and you can hit the snooze button and eat a lot!

    A Southern Drawl

    • Haha, who’s going to win the stare-off? :) Yes, I’m so excited to visit the fam and do a whole lot of nothing!

  • Love that Lulus dress! And woohooo for vacations and family!!
    I’m going to Myrtle Beach in July with my extended family (And we’re visiting my cousins who moved down to NC last summer)

    • That sounds like a lot of fun! :) I went to Myrtle with some friends last year and had an absolute blast!

  • Ugh, I have no idea about a vacation. I hope so!

    • Me too! I’m sure your internship will let you have time off, right?

  • I’m loving those bow sandals! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    xo, Yi-chia

    • Aren’t they darling?! :)

  • Fydez

    These are all so nice, love each and every one of them! No idea yet about my own vacation! X

    • Thank you Fydez- I wish I could add all of these picks to my closet! :)

  • AmberRGodin

    these picks would be perfect for the hot and sunny Cali weather. Take me with you!

    • Haha, I wish I could! :D

  • Mia

    Hey, welcome back to the state in advance! Sounds like your family’s in a different part from where I live (I’m in Central CA), but it’s definitely been sunny around here (if extremely windy). I’ll be taking a vacation in July, but it’s up to Washington state to see my mom, so even in the middle of summer I’ll have to take a cardigan or two just in case. Last time I visited for the 4th, we got rained out!

    • Thank you Mia! Ooo, what part of California are you from? My family is in Bakersfield. I’ve never been to Washington, but I have a friend in Seattle who I’m dying to visit! Hope you have a great time on your trip! :)

  • katattack2000

    I love California :) hmmm this Summer (which is your winter) i plan to go interstate – Sydney :) Just to enjoy some sun and hang out with friends :)

    • Me too :) That sounds like so much fun- I hope I have the opportunity to visit Australia one day!

  • I love all the colors here, it looks like candy! That striped dress is ridiculously cute. And I adore the sandals, particularly those bright pink ones. I hope you have a pleasant time in California!

    May the force be with you.


    • My favorite thing to wear in the summer is a pretty dress and a pair of cute sandals! Thank you Emily! :)