Flowers in Bloom

Flowers in Bloom 4

Pink Jacket, Sunglasses and Floral Pants*H&M // Blazer*Love Label c/o
Tee*Forever 21 // Bedazzle Loafers*Mia Shoes // Purse*Lulu’s

*all photos of me above taken by Alex– thanks lady!

A few weeks ago, Alex and I met up in our usual picture-taking spot (St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery). The flowers were just starting to bloom and I was finally able to bust out these floral pants that I bought at H&M.  It’s so funny to think that before I started blogging I wouldn’t even have dared to wear pants this loud!  However at only $14.95, I felt that the floral pants trend was totally worth a try :)  After snapping a few outfit pictures, we met up with Jamillah for Happy Hour at the Blue Owl.  Their drink specials are pretty good ($6 for a cocktail!) and it wasn’t too crowded, which is always a plus!

How was your weekend? As I mentioned on Friday, yesterday was Alex’s birthday!  Hope and I met up with her at Madison Square Park and spent a wonderful afternoon sampling the eats and chatting in the park- pictures to come soon!

  • You look darling! Love that jacket.
    xo Josie

    • Thank you Josie! I love this jacket too, I can wear it with anything! :)

  • Judson

    That floral pants really look great on you.

    • Thank you very much Judson! :)

  • Ahh! LOVE your bedazzle loafers!! Such a cute addition to any outfit :)


    • Thanks so much Sarah! I was eyeing them online then found them somewhere for half-off; I think they were meant to be mine! :)

  • I’ve been seeing those pants on the web and I just love them – they look great on you and I adore the shoes you paired them with as well.

    Courtney ~

    • Haha, I know, these pants are so popular! Thank you Courtney :)

  • Love you guys! I think I need to get those floral H&M pants.

    • Aww, we love you too and can’t wait until we can finally meet in real life!

  • Aw sorry I missed ya ladies! Love the look :)

    • Thanks Kimberlee! We missed you too!

  • I know what you mean – Before Blog there were so many trends I would have never even considered, but you totally pull off these floral pants!

    • Thank you Lydia! It’s so interesting to think about what I wouldn’t have worn before the blog- I might dedicate a whole post to it! :)

  • You are rocking those floral pants! I haven’t jumped into the floral trend just yet, but I have embraced the colored pants trend.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    • Thank you Bonnie! I love the look of colored pants but I don’t own any yet- must get on that!

  • Hi Nnenna!
    Wow I can’t believe you got the package so soon. I could I swore I mailed it like two weeks back and they said it could take up to five weeks. But that’s awesome.
    I’m happy you liked the little treats. It was fun shopping for you! :)
    P.S. those floral pants are totally cute! Funny how when you blog it’s easier to try new ideas out. Blogging it sort of an excuse to try out new trends! Haha!

    • Thank you Teaka! And thank you again for my package- I really loved what you picked for me! :)

  • Oh I love your floral pants! The print is just beautiful, and the colors are perfect for spring. They look great with those cute studded loafers and the blazer. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    • Thank you so much Cara! :D

  • well hello floral plants! I love these pants! I keep meaning to pick up a pair for myself but I can never find a pair that looks good on me.

    • Thank you Amber! Not going to lie, these fit a little weird on me (they’re big in the waist), but at $14.95 I couldn’t resist! :)

  • heyy you! ahh, miss you! i loveee this church and these photos are so pretty <3 loveee your look! i hope things are well with you darling!

    xx james

    • Awww, thank you Jamie! I hope that you are well too! :)

  • Ooh I love those pants!!!! :D I’m the same way, half the stuff I wear now I wouldn’t have own BTB… :)

  • Love your loafers. I saw a ton a them while out shopping today but didn’t buy them..this time.

    • Thank you Daniela! You have more willpower than me ;)

  • You look totally adorable! I don’t own any fun printed pants like that, and you’ve got me tempted to buy some. I adore those loafers too. You look so well put together, but you’ve got just the right amount of pizazz.

    May the force be with you.

    • Awww, you’re so sweet Emily! Thank you so much for your kind words and for dropping by my blog! =)

  • Emma Alison

    You look stunning girlie. And them pants look really adorable on you.