Mint Green + Polka Dots

Mint Green & Polka Dots 1

Pink Jacket*H&M // Sweater*J.Crew (from Alex) // Dress (unknown) // Bag*Lulu’s // Flats*Payless

This is what I wore to attend the Madewell shopping event a couple of weeks ago with Alex.  Funny story about the origins of this dress.  One day last fall I was wandering around my neighborhood (the East Village) with a friend.  We were just exploring and checking out all the cool vintage and clothing shops that are in the area.  On the side of the street in an empty lot, there was a makeshift market set up.  We decided to go check it out and tucked away in one of the stalls I found this adorable little dress for $10!  So now I think of this dress as the one I bought randomly on the side on the street one day, but it was so cute and so my style- I couldn’t resist!

Since I can’t afford a diamond ring like these ones from 77 Diamonds, I have to figure out another way to put a little sparkle on my finger!  Enter this amazing ring from InPink (the big green and gold one above).  I have no idea what type of stone that is, but the way it is cut catches the light so prettily that I have a hard time not looking at it when it’s on my finger :)

I am so blown away by the pictures that Alex was able to take with her wide-angle lens!  I love the way she captured the surroundings in one of my favorite areas of New York City.

 (all pictures of me and NYC taken by Alex- thanks lady!)