Color Me Happy

Color Me Happy 1

Earrings, Top*Forever 21 // Skirt*Strawberry Koi // Wedges*Mia Shoes (via TJ Maxx) // Nails*Incoco

I’m baaack! After a relaxing week at home in California, I’m now back in New York City :)  It was so nice to see my family and some of my closest friends while I was at home last week.  I spent most of the time catching up with old friends, doing a little bit of shopping, and laying around the house.  It was such a luxury to just turn off my brain and not worry about anything for a week :)

I wore this outfit in California to meet up with friend.  I won this pretty skirt from a giveaway held by Aya of Strawberry Koi a few months ago and I couldn’t wait until it was warm enough to wear it!  It’s actually a skirt that she refashioned herself and I love the happy colors in the plaid pattern.  The skirt worked perfectly with my mint green crop top and funky colored wedges that I bought at TJ Maxx with a gift card.

Since I was away last week, I’m so very behind on all of my blogs! I plan to do lots of catching up in the days to come :)

Tell me: What’s new with you in the last week or so?


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  1. Katherine says

    Loving the teal :) – news with me is i have been sick! all this work and the winter weather has caught up with me! Not fun! ><

    • says

      Thank you Christine! You know, I hadn’t worn this shirt before because it’s kind of a weird length, but I’m glad it looked ok with this skirt :)

  2. says

    This outfit is summer feeling. I love the colours! *also do you like the new Disqus? I was thinking of getting rid of it at one point, but may keep it anyway since I am on Blogger… Thoughts?

  3. Mia says

    Oh boy, I’m looking forward to turning off my brain when I visit my mom in a couple of weeks. (Egad, it really IS happening in a couple of weeks. Panic time!)

    I think what I really like about this outfit are the details–the earrings and other jewelry you chose are just perfect.