Correspondence Club: June 2012

Correspondence Club June Collage

Participants: AlexCarrieDebbieFabKaitlynKatMikeSaraTatjanaTracyVeronicaLauraChris,
Rehana, Dina, HopeEmilyNatashaStephanieCarmilaImogenAmberAshlieNatalie, Lisa, Mika, Lisa V., Elizabeth, Anne, Suki, Dani, Aly, Wambura, Kirstin, me

Every month the Correspondence Club keeps growing and growing, which makes me so very happy.  If I haven’t said it enough, then let me say thank you one more time to all the participants- without you guys there would be no Correspondence Club! Not only does receiving my letter make my day, but reading a sweet post like this one from Ashlie also puts a huge smile on my face :D

If you’re member, please feel free to add the button below to your sidebar to help spread the word!

Correspondence Club
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Do you want to join the Correspondence Club for July?  We’d love to have you!  If you would like to participate in July, please send me your information by midnight tomorrow (June 30th at 11:59pm EST).

  • jamie

    aww, this is SO flipping cute!! man, i wish i had more free time on my hands! have fun with the CC & i hope you ladies all get to know each other very well <3 i hope you are well, nnenna! have a great start to your weekend.. muah!!

    xx, james

    • Thanks so much Jamie! If you ever do have more time and want to join- do let me know! Hope you’re having a great Sunday :)

  • Ashlie Cruz

    This is great! Thanks Nnenna! I’ll keep spreading the word!!

    • Thank you again Ashlie for your sweet post!

  • This is perfect timing as I just received my letter from Natasha! It was a lovely surprise and fascinating to encounter people from across the globe.

    I have added the button to my blog :) I will also be blogging about this very soon – will keep you posted! Thanks so much for organising it all!

    • Yay, I’m so glad your letter arrived! You’re very welcome- thank you so much for participating and adding the button! Going to pop over and check out your post today!

  • Tatjana Perez

    I can’t wait for July!! <3 Loving the Correspondence Club!

  • Elana Katz

    This is such a fun idea! I wish I had more time to participate in something like this! I’m glad you post photos though so we can all see :)

    • Thank you Elana! I love to share the photos because they’re always so fun to look at :)

  • Hello, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and it looks fab. I really like the sound of the correspondence club so after reading about the July one I will hopefully sign up for August when I have a bit more free time. Love the way you have collated the pictures like that too! :)

    • Thank you so much Kate for coming by :) I would love to have you participate in August when you have more time!

  • xxM

    this is adorable!!

  • Jacquie Wheeler

    What a fabulous idea!!! I just connected here from Suki’s blog and wish I hadn’t missed the deadline for July. I’ll check back for August :)

    • Thank you Jacquie (and @twitter-69575310:disqus for sending her)! Yes, please do check back towards the end of July for the August round :)

  • Katherine

    Love how you have collated this :) Awesome work and looking forward to this month :)

    • Thank you Kat and thanks for being a great participant each month! :D