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I’m back again with some links that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys!  You may have noticed that I’ve been playing around with different types of posts and a new posting schedule recently.  I hope you’re enjoying seeing different kinds of content (and more posts) on here, but either way, I would love your feedback!  Also, I switched up the commenting system back to Disqus, as you may have seen.  It’s making it easier for me to reply to comments in a more timely manner, but I know sometimes Disqus has its kinks, so let me know if you run into any problems using it.  Okay, enough housekeeping- on to some fun links that I stumbled onto in the last two weeks!

1. Game of Thrones- In and Out of Character: You know how unsettling, yet fascinating it is to see pictures of characters from a TV show or a movie in real life?  Especially if you’re obsessed with the show, like I am with Game of Thrones, you spend so much time looking at them as their character, that when you see them as their self, it’s a little bit shocking!

2. The Dead Words: I love pretty type and I love the idea of bringing obscure words back to life, so this website is just all-around great in my opinion!

3. A Splash of Marilyn: This Vanity Fair article was really interesting to read.  I loved learning more about her life, especially told from the photographer’s persepective.  If the book is as good as the article, I may just have to add it to my reading list!

4. What Happens When You Loop the Billboard 10: I found this article extremely hilarious and let me tell you why!  My roommate makes fun of me all the time for listening to the same songs over and over again, but I can’t help it!  When I find a song I really love, I can listen to it on repeat for hours without getting tired of it.  That’s how it was when I first heard “Somebody That I Used to Know,” then when I heard “Glad You Came,” and so on with all the other songs on this list.  Basically, the writer of this article does a little experiment where he listens to the Billboard Top 10 (and those songs only), for 10 straight hours, eliminating one song an hour until he’s left with the best one of them all.  Not only is the idea of this experiment funny, but so is his writing.  With all that said, go ahead and click on the link- you might find it hilarious too!

5. The Pajama Game: I loved this post on Design Sponge inspired by the clothing and the lifestyle featured in the classic movie, The Pajama Game.  I’m a sucker for an old-school musical and this one is really delightful!

6. New York Times Summer Reading List (image via): Now that I’ve finally finished reading Book 5 of Game of Thrones, I can start look for some other good books to read!  I just finished Tina Fey’s Bossypants and started a book I found at The Strand for $1, but I’ll definitely be consulting this list for some more good summer reads.

7. 14 Cool Business Card Designs: This taco-shaped business card is advertising a taco place- brilliant/creative, no?  Check out the link for more awesome and well-designed business cards!

8. Cats Versus Humans: I can probably appreciate this more now that I have Milton, but these cartoons basically describe the story of my life!

9. Very French Gangsters: So these kids are just too adorable for words.  Click the link because there’s lots more cuteness where this came from!

10. Chic Readers of May: So I imagine my surprise when my little face popped up in my Google Reader!  It’s because I was featured on Kitty Cotten as one of two “chic readers in May!”  It was really nice of her to feature me and reading the kind words she said about me totally put a smile on my face- thanks so much Kitty! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Let me know if you have any fun weekend plans in the comments below! 


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      Thank you Hope! Yes, agreed, she’s definitely beautiful, although, if she weren’t such an evil character on GoT I would certainly like her a lot more! haha :)

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      Haha, yes, these are totally time-suckers but I do think they’re all interesting, especially when you’ve got a little time to kill! :)

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    I think i’ve reached my saturation point with “Somebody that I Used to Know” partly because I started listening to it about three months before it was on the radio every second. And it’s clear they play it too much when the original version comes on one station at the same exact time the remixed version starts on another.

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    Doris Day! That just made me happy – she’s one of my favorite ladies, I loved her sass in the films and I love that she now lives in Florida with a house full of rescue dogs. ;) “Love, Life and Elephants” sounds interesting! I’m loving the NYT’s reading list – I’ve heard “Bring Up the Bodies” is nothing short of amazing, and I love me some Tudor history so I might have to check it out soon. Also, I’ve never touched on Game of Thrones and I was chatting on Twitter about it just the other day! I’ve had the first book for ages but I think I was maybe fifteen when I first tried to read it and I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve been debating if I want to try again this summer or try the show instead.

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      Yes, I’ve also heard really great things about Bring up the Bodies, but thought maybe I should go back and read the 1st one first? But I’m not sure, they may not be the kind of books that you need to read in a sequence.

      I loved both the books and the show of Game of Thrones. The first three books are really great and I had a hard time putting them down and the show does a really great job of bringing the characters to life. Books 4 and especially 5 I struggled a little more with because there are some bits I found boring. The tough thing with the books is that there are so very many characters to remember, whereas I feel like them streamline it down a bit with the show. Long story short, I think you should give either the book and/or the show a try- I bet you would really like it! :)

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    So I remember seeing the Game of Thrones actors last year during a Comic Con video and it’s crazy how different they look. I think part of the reason why is that acting is approached differently in the US than other countries, and a lot of the actors are European… where you don’t necessarily have to put on a dress and a push up bra to audition for a role. Though that wouldn’t account for the men…

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      Hmm, yes, I never thought about it but that may have something to do with it! It’s just so weird how much I associate them with their characters. Like I said to Hope below, I think Lena Headley is totally beautiful but I have a hard time liking her because her character is so evil on the show! Haha, isn’t that so crazy?!