On Nnenna’s Needles #28: Hey There Sailor Sweater

On Nnenna's Needles #28: Hey There Sailor Sweater

Hey There Sailor Sweater 

As soon as I stumbled onto this pattern on Stefanie’s blog, I knew it would be my next knitting project! Not only do I love the stripes, but I loved the simplicity of the pattern as well.  I eagerly ordered my yarn from KnitPicks and waited for it arrive.  Since I don’t own anything with the classic red and white stripes, those are the colors I chose to make my sweater.  The pattern was well-written and easy to follow, so knitting it up was a breeze.  The only thing I might change is that the yarn is bit fuzzier than I would like, but a quick brush with the lint roller usually cleans all that right off.  I love the nautical vibe of this sweater and it’s perfect to wear on those days that are sunny, but there’s still a bit of breeze!

I’ve been knitting less than before and I’m not working on anything at the moment, which is so unusual for me!  I find it more difficult to knit when it’s warmer outside because you do get a little overheated with a knitting project on your lap!

Tell me: Are there any other knitters out there? What do you knit during the warmer months?



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  1. Mary Awadallah says

    I knit with wool and alpaca and such literally all year round. It’s kind of ridiculous. Whatever. I gotta catch up on all those projects I don’t have time to knit–but so desperately long to–during the school year. #noshame

    • says

      Ahh yes, the summer is perfect for catching up. Usually the wool doesn’t bother me, but right now I think I’m in a knitting slump! :O

  2. Berri Quita says

    So simple and pretty! I’ll check that pattern out :3
    I love to knit but I generally crochet during the summer… and knit socks and mittens in fall/winter.

    • says

      Thank you Veronica! You should definitely check out the pattern, it’s very simple :) I’m not so good at crochet myself, but maybe I could try a crochet pattern instead!

  3. Despina T says

    what a lovely sweater.love it in white and red.it could also be awesome in white and blue.beautiful choice!

  4. Christine D says

    Wow thanks for sharing. I love that sweater. I agree that I can’t do a lot of yarn playing when it’s warm outside too!!

  5. says

    This is gorgeous! I’ve been really wanting to try a sweater…I’ve never made a garment before, really. As for summer knitting, I like making cotton face clothes. They’re small and not as hot as wool. Plus, they only take a few hours of knitting, and you’re done! I keep a stash of different colors for gifts.


    • says

      You should try this sweater Hope- promise it’s very simple! :) Cotton face cloths- what a good idea! Plus, I love a fast project for the instant gratification. One day soon we *must* get together and knit, maybe even outside in the park! :D

  6. Mia says

    How cool! My friend tried to teach me how to knit, but I suspect I’ve forgotten everything she told me. I do enjoy looking at other people’s knitting projects, though–it seems like magic every time, haha. An old online friend who I haven’t talked to in a while has become a knitting whiz in the last few years, and I looooove seeing what she comes up with. She designs her own patterns as well as knitting from preexisting patterns, which seems like double-magic to me: http://joyarna.blogspot.com/

    • says

      Thanks Mia! I bet it would come back to you if you picked up knitting again :) Thanks so much for sharing this blog- I’m definitely going to check it out!