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Forever 21*Tee and Necklace // Lulu’s*Skirt (via Alex) // DSW*Sandals

When Alex won this awesome leopard maxi skirt last September at Blogger’s Night Out, I was totally jealous! Turns out there was no need for me to be jealous because she gave it to me a few months ago (Alex is awesome like that :D)! I wore this maxi skirt last month in CA with a new necklace that I picked up from Forever 21. I really love this necklace- I think it will be my new go-to statement necklace :) True confession time: I wore this outfit for a grand total of 15 minutes because it was just too darn hot that day!

Tell me: How do you keep cool in the hot summer months?

P.S. Thank you for all the Happy Blogaversary wishes! I had a really fun time celebrating on Friday and will post pictures soon :)


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  1. Melanie says

    So cute Nnenna! I love leopard maxi skirts, but I have yet to invest in one. The UNIF ‘Get It’ skirt in leopard was my dream skirt since almost a year ago, but I gave up on it, hah. I love your necklace, too! Forever 21 always has really nice statement making pieces.

    No lie…I’ve been staying inside for most of the summer. I go on runs in the early morning to avoid the sun. I’m like, super anti extra UV rays, haha.


    • says

      Thank you Melanie! I think if I go to Forever 21 every few months or so I’m more surprised by what they have to offer :)

      I try to stay inside as much as possible too, although inside for me can still be pretty hot since I don’t have air conditioning. Ah well, I’ll still take sun/summer over gloom/winter any day!

  2. says

    haha, well now i get to be jealous!
    i love maxis for the summer in the office (great for the freezing a/c) but weekends need to be spent in the minis too keep cool!

  3. Katherine says

    Love the skirt and the F21 necklace :) Missing the sunshine you are getting haha

    • says

      You’re so sweet Elana, thank you! :) I have to confess, getting dressed is not always so effortless for me in the early morning and sometimes I just throw on the closest thing and go! ;)