• http://claireabellemakes.com/ Claire

    ooh I just signed up for this for August – I can’t wait to receive it. Looks great!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Ooo, awesome! Can’t wait to see what you get! :)

  • Sara

    I haven’t heard of that
    -new post at my blog ;)

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Hi Sara! Mind leaving your blog link? I’d love to check it out! :)

  • Monique

    what a great idea this would certainly promote letter writing! i love it!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Yes, I love that encourages letter-writing too! :)

  • http://www.kirstinmarie.com Kirstin Marie

    This is such a great idea! I love the way it looks.

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      I agree Kirstin! The packaging looks so pretty :)

  • Jupe_Cambria

    This is super cute…I love stationary and writing, so I’m a sucker for cute sets like this.

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Me too! That’s why I couldn’t resist sharing this! :D

  • http://www.thrifteye.com/ Eli

    This is such a cool idea. I keep myself a little box of cards and envelopes I’ve bought on sale at different times at Target, so it’s a nice mix. But this is an even better idea!

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      That’s a great idea to have a stock of cards/envelopes at home- I need to do that too! :)

  • Tracy

    This is such a lovely idea. And who doesn’t love pretty stationary? I’m definitely saving this shop to check out later when I have some more time.

    Days and Starry Nights

    • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

      Agreed- pretty stationery makes me so happy! :)

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