Well Actually, It’s My Blog Birthday…

Blog Birthday Celebration 1

Last Friday was my two-year blogaversary and I went out to celebrate with HopeJamillahKim, Kristine, Luz, and Alex. I had such a great time with these ladies and I really did feel like I was celebrating a second birthday (you’ll see what I mean a little further down)!


We met up at Yuca Bar, a place in the East Village that I’d meaning to try for a while. The happy hour specials were great– I’m talking $6 for a good-sized glass of sangria, a margarita, a mojito, or a caipirinha. Granted, the place was rather crowded, but once we we finally had our drinks in hand we will glad to be out of the oppressive humidity and inside sipping on yummy cocktails.


After Happy Hour ended around 8pm we sat down at a table to order dinner. By that time we were pretty hungry, but it was so hard to choose from all the tasty options. We finally decided on some appetizers and entrees, taking advantage of the waiting time to upload a few pictures to Instagram of course (typical bloggers)!


The food was well worth the wait! We started out with a basket filled with a variety of chips (tortilla, plantain, yuca) and also paired with fresh salsa and guacamole. For my entree I chose the paella which was simply delicioso!



Towards the end of the meal, the girls surprised me with a little tres leches birthday cake. The waitress brought it out to me and the whole table sang and everything! Little did they know that it was actually my blog birthday! ;) Thank you again to my blogger ladies for making it such a special and fun evening for me!

Hope you guys enjoyed this recap of our little celebration and come back Monday to check out what I actually wore! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

*All images via me, KimLuz, or Alex

Nail Polish Organization


On Monday, I was chatting with Casee and Melanie on twitter about various nail polish storage options. Since organizing my nail polish is one of my summer goals, I started hunting for inspiration on Pinterest. Check out some of my favorites below!

Source: dulcecandy.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Angelica on Pinterest

Source: worldtravelhelpguide.blogspot.ca via Carmen on Pinterest


 Tell me: How do you store your nail polish?